Ultimate iPhone 6 Concept Supports Projectable Mac | Video

Published By Rishi
On May 24, 2013
iPhone 6

There are a lot of iPhone 5s and iPhone 6 concepts coming up, not only the Image concepts from designers, but Video concepts too. I figured out one more iPhone 6 video today which just convinced me to showcase it on The Zinx.

The video shows a normal iPhone 5 with tremendous transforming ability, and supports two side projectors. You can use the projectors to project your iPhone screen or it is also capable of running a full macintosh.

The top and bottom part of the iPhone can be extended to make it a two-way projector, the bottom part of the iPhone will project the Apple keyboard and the upper side projects the Mac screen. I must say, the thinking behind this video is unique.

I never thought of such a wonderful iPhone, but if Apple launches something like this, it will be a worthy buy.

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