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Clouds and Gradients

Published By Rishi
On March 1, 2015

Clouds and Gradients is a beautiful set of digital illustrations by Aaron Campbell, an illustrator and designer based in Vancouver. Just about a year back, I saw his Clouds and Gradients — Part 1 on Behance where he posted various beautiful illustrations. Since then, I am huge fan of Aaron and his work and always wanted to feature his work on this blog but was not getting the time.

Recently Aaron posted Clouds and Gradients — Part 3 on Behance and the illustrations in it are really amazing. The Part 3 features concept art for a graphic novel project revolving around the fictional city. Below are the beautiful illustrations from Cloud and Gradients — Part 3, but don’t forget to check illustrations from previous parts of the series from Aaron Cambell’s Behance profile page.

clouds-gradients-1 clouds-gradients-2 clouds-gradients-3 clouds-gradients-4 clouds-gradients-5 clouds-gradients-6

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