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RSS Reader Mac App Icon — Freebie

Published By Rishi
On July 16, 2014

I reviewed Leaf RSS app a while back and after using it for a week, I decided to use it as my default RSS app on my Mac. I tried other RSS apps including Reeder and ReadKit but I found them a bit complicated. Leaf is simple and suits my needs.

What bothers me is Leaf’s icon which looks pretty different if you put it on your dock. So today, I decided to make an icon for the app. I used a different glyph for the icon instead of using the RSS icon, which is common. I kept it circular and used minimal shadow. Below is the preview of the icon.

icon-promo-1 icon-dock-view leaf-notification-icon

You can grab the icon from the link below. It is available in 512 pixels resolution as Mac app icon(ICNS) and PNG icon. I used it for Leaf app, but you can use it for your favorite RSS apps too. If you don’t know how to change app icons on Mac, here’s a guide for that.


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