Create Image, Instagram Story and Post from Tweets

Twitter and Instagram are two of those social networks which seem unstoppable in terms of growth an

4 Easy Tips To Find The Right Web Design Company

Note: This is a sponsored article. They are very important in today’s business landscape. No busin

Blog announcement!

It's been years since I've updated this blog and I don't like me for not taking time to blog more h

Google Assistant for Mac

I recently came across Mac Assistant, a project by Vansh Gandhi which brings Google’s recently anno

Chapi: Save Anything from Web for Later

I recently came across Chapi, a web app that lets you save anything from web for later. I have trie

SodaPlayer for Mac

It’s been a while since I’m using SodaPlayer, a video player app that lets you play all the video f

Firewatch Wallpapers

When I first had a look at Firewatch’s reveal trailer, I was literally stunned by the visuals of th

Coves | Free Font Download

coves-font Coves is a sans typeface designed by Jack Harvatt, a UK-based graphic and type designer

Momentum — A Simple Habit Tracking App

Although I never had any plans to track my habits but I started doing it since the start of this ye

Wild Weather for iOS

We’ve lots of weather apps in App Store but most of them don’t come with an interface that you can

10 Awesome iPhone Wallpapers

Before iPhone 6 which I bought almost a month back, I had an Android phone and it allowed me custom

Contemporary Architecture Photos by Sebastian Weiss

If you love to see minimal and classic architecture designs, then you will love these photos of con

Numi — A Minimal Calculator App for Mac

Numi is newly released Calculator Mac app designed by Dmitry Nikolaev which lets you make simple co

Stream Torrents with VLC on Mac Without Any App

When Popcorn Time was released, it quickly got popular because of its functionality of playing vide

Jaapokki | Free Font Download

jaapokki-free-font Jaapokki is a free font designed by Mikko Nuuttila. The font has two alternativ

Amazing Double Exposure Animal Portraits

Double exposure designs and photography is popular among artists but Norwegian based Visual Artist

Swipes is a Beautiful To-Do List App

When it comes to To-do lists, I use and recommend Wunderlist which I have been using several years

Messenger App Brings New Facebook Messenger to Mac

Facebook wants to turn Facebook Messenger into a platform and to start with that, they made a dedic

Scenery for Mac

I use Mockups a lot and many of my app reviews like this one have screenshots which are made using

How to Restore Default Icons on Mac

OS X Yosemite comes with a whole new flat design and many of the existing apps are yet to be update

The New MacBook

new-macbook Apple held a special event on March 9 at Yerba Buena Center in San Francisco and they

Embark — A Minimal New Tab Page for Chrome

I used to use Safari as my default browser but it lagged a lot for me and so I switched to Google C

Alternote — Note Taking App for Mac

I am using Evernote since a long time and prefer to browse my notebooks from the Evernote website.

Glacier Icons for Yosemite

The reason why I use and love OS X is because of its gorgeous design and simplicity. Although OS X

Clouds and Gradients

Clouds and Gradients is a beautiful set of digital illustrations by Aaron Campbell, an illustrator

Designer News for Android

Designer News is a community of people who love technology and design. On Designer News, designers

Download HTC One M9 Official Wallpapers

HTC is all set to release its new flagship phone, the HTC One M9 which is codenamed “Hima”. The pho

Moon | Free Font Download

moon-font Moon is a rounded and simple typeface designed by Jack Harvatt which comes in two weight

Droidddle — Dribbble App with Material Design

When it comes to inspiration, Dribbble is one of my favourite sites. I don’t usually browse Dribbbl

Axiom Icon Pack for Android

Lots of beautiful icon packs are releasing every day and the best thing about Android is that you c

VainGlory for iOS Review

I had never played a MOBA game and before playing VainGlory, I didn’t even knew what MOBA is. When

How to Access Google Inbox in Safari

google-inbox-safari-ss Since I first used Google Inbox app on my phone, I switched to the app perm

Wallpaper of the Week #72

google-now-small Every week we showcase beautiful wallpapers for your desktop, today’s wallpaper i

Wallpaper of the Week #71

minimal-wallpaper-small Every week we showcase beautiful wallpapers for your desktop, today’s wall

Wallpaper of the Week #70

purple-artwork-small Every week we showcase beautiful wallpapers for your desktop, today’s wallpap

25 Material Design Inspired Wallpapers

After Flat design, Google’s Material design is the new trend which is getting popular among designe

Wallpaper of the Week #69

flower-macro-small Every week we showcase beautiful wallpapers for your desktop, today’s wallpaper

Google Inbox — Clean and Elegant Gmail App

A few days back, Google released a new app called Inbox for iOS and Android. I was fortunate enough

Download Android 5.0 Stock Wallpapers

Google released Android 5.0 “Lollipop” a few days back along with Nexus 6. The update is huge in te

Wallpaper of the Week #68

green-wallpaper Every week we showcase beautiful wallpapers for your desktop, today’s wallpaper is

Wallpaper of the Week #67

building Every week we showcase beautiful wallpapers for your desktop, today’s wallpaper is a stun

Audax Icons Pack for Android

I once installed Kovdev’s Domo icons pack and it didn’t took me much time to fall in love with the

Wallpaper of the Week #66

where-tahrs-live Every week we showcase beautiful wallpapers for your desktop, today’s wallpaper i

Cabinet is a Lightweight File Manager for Android

Google is about to release Android L very soon and we can already see some nice apps on Google Play

Wallpaper of the Week #65

andrew-chromecast-wallpaper Every week we showcase beautiful wallpapers for your desktop, today’s

Ello — Beautiful Social Network for Minimalists

ello-logo Ello is a new social network built by a small group of artists and designers. I came acr

X — Wallpaper of the Week #64

x-series-i Every week we showcase beautiful wallpapers for your desktop, today’s wallpaper is X Se

Bolt — A Minimal Dialer App for Android

I never liked the stock dialer, contact and messages app in Android. And in the recent update, Goog

30 Beautiful Apple Watch App & Concept Designs

facebook-apple-watch-app When I wrote about Apple Watch, I said that "Design-wise, the Apple Watch

Wallpaper of the Week #63

eagle-on-iceberg-wallpaper Every week we showcase beautiful wallpapers for your desktop, today’s w

iOS 8 GM Wallpapers

ios-8-wallpaper Apple made the iOS 8 Gold Master available right after Tuesday’s keynote. Develope

Apple Watch

apple-watch-sport Apple entered into an entirely new product category yesterday. It was expected t

Thoughts on iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus

apple-iphone-6 Apple yesterday announced the new iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus and Apple Watch in the Sp

Wallpaper of the Week #62

architecture-wallpaper Every week we showcase beautiful wallpapers for your desktop, today’s wallp

Viber — Wallpaper of the Week #61

viber-wallpaper Every week we showcase beautiful wallpapers for your desktop, today’s wallpaper is

Spectacle — Move and Resize Windows on Mac with Ease

spectacle-mac-app If you are a power OS X user, you might be knowing how hard it is to deal with m

Fox & Cat | Free Font Download

fox-cat-font Fox & Cat is a classic looking sans-serif font designed by Philippines based Graphic

Murum — Awesome Wallpapers for Android

Even if you don’t love customising your Android phone, it is very hard for one to stick with a cust

Coast — Wallpaper of the Week #60

coast Every week we showcase beautiful wallpapers for your desktop, today’s wallpaper is a beautif

Hyperlapse for iOS

hyperlapse-instagram Instagram just released Hyperlapse app for iOS. Using Hyperlapse, users can s

10 Free Macbook Mockup Templates

free-mockup-mockup The best way to present you app and UI designs is by mocking up the design. It

A Quick Way to Make a GIF from YouTube Video

old-plane I earlier wrote about how you can easily make animated GIF on your Mac using GIF Rocket.

Suburb — Wallpaper of the Week #59

suburb-wallpaper Every week we showcase beautiful wallpapers for your desktop, today’s wallpaper i

MIUI v6 Screenshots

miui-6 I first used MIUI 3 years back when Gingerbread was the latest version of Android. I had a

Low Poly — Wallpaper of the Week #58

low-poly-artwork Every week we showcase beautiful wallpapers for your desktop, today’s wallpaper i

Google Chrome Material Design Concept for iOS

chrome-material-design-concept Google Chrome is no doubt a popular browser among iPhone and iPad u

60 Amazing Workspace and Office Designs

beautiful-workspaces I love to feature Office and Workspace designs here and I gathered some of th

Alone — Wallpaper of the Week #57

alone-wallpaper Every week we showcase beautiful wallpapers for your desktop, today’s wallpaper is

Vox 2.1 Music Player for Mac Review

vox-music-player Vox for Mac is my favorite music player. I use iTunes for managing my music libra

Frame — Awesome Product Screenshots

A few days back, I published a list of some nice Mockup templates of iPhone and Nexus 5 for those w

Wunderlist 3

I have been using Wunderlist since a long time and it is my favorite to-do app, which I also use so

Mountains — Wallpaper of the Week #56

red-buttes-wilderness-wallpaper Every week we showcase beautiful wallpapers for your desktop, toda

Plug — Beautiful Hype Machine App for Mac

plug-mac-icon For Music streaming, I mostly use Spotify and SoundCloud which are no doubt one of t

Moderne Sans | Free Font Download

moderne-sans Moderne Sans is a sans-serif font designed by Marius Kempken. This 1920's inspired ty

30 Gorgeous Yosemite App and Icon Designs

When it comes to design and interface, Yosemite is one of the biggest update in the history of OS X

Breach — Module based Minimal Browser for Mac

With browsers like Google Chrome, Safari and Firefox, it becomes hard for users to switch to any ot

Google Play Store Gets a New Design

Now that Google has already announced the next version of Android which is completely different in

Bird Man — Wallpaper of the Week #55

bird-man-wallpaper Every week we showcase beautiful wallpapers for your desktop, today’s wallpaper

Skip — Copy Anything, Paste Anywhere

Copying and Pasting text and links from one of your device to another isn’t a new idea and there ar

15 Free Mockup PSDs of iPhone and Nexus 5

iphone-mockup-zinx While creating an app, be it for iOS or Android, it is very important to focus

NowPaper — Google Now Style Wallpapers App

nowpaper-android-app Most of the Android launcher apps lets you set custom wallpapers on your home

StreamCloud — A SoundCloud Mac App

SoundCloud discontinued their official Mac app a long time ago as there were issues in maintaining

Buffer App for Mac

buffer-mac-app I have been using Buffer app for scheduling my updates and it is one of the best se

RSS Reader Mac App Icon — Freebie

I reviewed Leaf RSS app a while back and after using it for a week, I decided to use it as my defau

Icefields — Wallpaper of the Week #54

icefields Every week we showcase beautiful wallpapers for your desktop, today’s wallpaper is a bea

Knock for Android

There are lots of messaging apps for Android but the problem with most of those apps is that they w

Focus — A Mac App to Block Distracting Websites

focus-mac-app There are a lot of ways you can block specific websites on your Mac, one of which is

15 Gorgeous Android Icon Packs and Themes

The plus point of having an Android phone is that you can customize your phone using Themes and Ico

Narrows — Wallpaper of the Week #53

Every week we showcase beautiful wallpapers for your desktop, today’s wallpaper is a beautiful pho

Anders | Free Font Download

anders-font Anders is a modern and minimal font family. This experimental font is designed by Tom

Escriba — A Minimal Web based Text Editor

If you’re into writing, you might be using either a web app like Google Docs or native apps for Mac

How to Install Apps in Batch in Android

samsung-s3 If you’re one of those who frequently switch between smartphones, then it might be a bi

20 Beautiful Android L App and Icon Designs

Android L is one of the biggest update in terms of design in the history of Android. Google introdu

Sunrise Calendar for Mac

Sunrise Calendar is a new calendar Mac app made for Google Calendar and iCloud. This calendar app i

WhatsApp Redesign Concept for Android L

whatsapp-android-concept copy Now that Google showed us what's new in Android, it is time for Andr

Glass Lake — Wallpaper of the Week #52

glass-lake-wallpaper Every week we showcase beautiful wallpapers for your desktop, today’s wallpap

Raindrop — Beautiful Bookmarking Tool

We have seen a lot of web apps that saves your favorite web content on cloud. Dragdis, Saved, Unmar

Stunning Architecture Photography by Matthias Heiderich

I love to discover beautiful photos and Behance is one of the best sites to discover nice photos fr

Android L Keyboard now Available on Play Store

android-l-keyboard-icon Whats good about Android is that you can have latest features even on unsu

Android L Theme for CyanogenMod

It's been less than a week since Google announced Android L and they also released the developer pr

Apple Features iPhone 5s in New 'Parenthood' Ad

Apple is airing a new ad on TV called "Parenthood" featuring iPhone 5s. The new "you're more powerf

iOS 8 Freebies for Designers

iOS 8 inherits most of its design elements from iOS 7 and there aren’t many visual changes. There a

20 iPhone Wallpapers

With not so many customization options in iOS 7, all you can do is things like changing the wallpap

Behance Android App

Official Behance app is now available for Android. Users of Behance can now access and manage their

A Look at Material Design in Android L

Google has already released the developer preview of Android L for Nexus 5 and Nexus 7 now. Android

Google Android Wear

android-smartwatch-photo Google announced Android Wear some months back and they are now releasing

Android L Wallpaper

Google just previewed the next version of Android in Google I/O event, which they are calling Andro

Summer — Wallpaper of the Week #51

summer-evening-wallpaper Every week we showcase beautiful wallpapers for your desktop, today’s wal

Yahoo Aviate Launcher Review

I reviewed Aviate launcher back in September last year and it was in very initial stage at that tim

Uni Sans | Free Font Download

uni-sans-font Uni Sans is an all caps font designed by Svet Simov, Ani Petrova, Vasil Stanev. The

Wallpaper by Behance — Wallpapers App for Mac

behance-icon While I mostly use the wallpapers that I discover while surfing web, but I find using

20 Moto 360 Smartwatch Concept Designs

Motorola announced a few months back that they will soon be releasing Moto 360, a smartwatch which

Nokia Z Launcher for Android

Nokia yesterday announced Z Launcher, a new launcher app for Android phones which aims to display r

Sunset — Wallpaper of the Week #50

sunset Every week we showcase beautiful wallpapers for your desktop, today’s wallpaper is a beauti

Torpedo — Short-term File Sharing App for Mac

Sharing files has now become very easy with apps like CloudApp and Droplr. You just have to drag an

OS X Yosemite Theme for Windows

If you’re using Windows, then the good thing is that you can customize almost every aspect of it as

Facebook Slingshot for iPhone and Android

With what Facebook is doing since past year, it is quite clear that Facebook don't want any competi

The Best iPhone Photos of 2014

The best thing about iPhone is that it produces high quality photos and the low-light photography p

Ready is a Gorgeous Contacts App for Android

I personally don’t like the default contacts and dialer app which comes installed on stock Android.

1Password 4 for Android

When it comes to managing passwords, 1Password is the best app out there which not only help you st

Mountain — Wallpaper of the Week #49

mountain-wallpaper Every week we showcase beautiful wallpapers for your desktop, today’s wallpaper

How to Create Bootable USB Installer for OS X Yosemite

Its been a week now since Apple released OS X Yosemite Developer Preview and with all the new featu

20 Beautiful Yosemite App and Icon Designs

Apple announced OS X Yosemite along with iOS 8 last Monday and designers are already coming up with

Instagram 6.0 Brings New Photo-Editing Tools

Instagram 6.0 is now released for iOS and Android and it brings a new set of photo editing features

Utopia — Wallpaper of the Week #48

utopia Every week we showcase beautiful wallpapers for your desktop, today’s wallpaper is named Ut

iOS 8 and OS X Yosemite Official Wallpapers

Apple released iOS 8 and OS X Yosemite for developers just after the Keynote. Developers all over t

The Best Features of OS X Yosemite

osx-yosemite Apple today announced OS X Yosemite and iOS 8 at WWDC as expected. The next generatio

Pixelmator 3.2 Review

Pixelmator is one of the best tools for editing photos on Mac. The best thing about Pixelmator is t

Downcount is a Beautiful Countdown App for Android

Android’s default clock app does come with countdown timer but it is ineffective if you want to set

iOS 8 Inspired Wallpaper

Apple already started decorating Moscone West and today, a banner with “8” with water background wa

10 Nice Workspace Designs

Dribbble is a great community for those who are looking for inspiration. I love browsing Dribbble a

Plume — Wallpaper of the Week #47

plume-wallpaper Every week we showcase beautiful wallpapers for your desktop, today’s wallpaper is

Stache Makes it Easy to Collect and Re-discover Bookmarks

Gone are the days when users used browser’s native functionality for bookmarking their favorite stu

Hexagonring — Wallpaper of the Week #46

hexagon-ring Every week we showcase beautiful wallpapers for your desktop, today’s wallpaper is He

Moonshine – Flat Design Icon Pack for Android

If you’re aware of latest leaks of Android 4.5, which is being called Project Hera, then you might

DotSnap for Mac

dotsnap I found a thread on Designer News yesterday by Dragdis’s founder Domas Sabockis asking abo

Misfit Shine is a Classic Activity Tracker

misfit-shine-9 Misfit Shine is one nicely designed wearable device that helps you monitor your dai

Perspective — Wallpaper of the Week #45

perspective Every week we showcase beautiful wallpapers for your desktop, today’s wallpaper is Per

Poshfeed for Chrome

poshfeed-chrome There are extensions for Google Chrome which can change the appearance and content

Reddit Now — Beautiful Reddit Client

If you’re addicted to Reddit just as me or as a typical Reddit user, then it is obvious that you mu

One Year of Publishing and some Updates

zinx-one-year 10th of May, 2013 was the day when I started this blog and I am very happy to announ

Playback — Wallpaper of the Week #44

playback-1000 Every week we showcase beautiful wallpapers for your desktop, today’s wallpaper titl

Atom Text Editor for Mac

It’s been awhile since Github’s Text editor, Atom, was announced and users with invites got the cha

Wind — Wallpaper of the Week #43

wind-wallpaper Wind is one of my favorite wallpapers designed by YourMajesty. The wallpaper is ava

Cloupload — CloudApp Client for Android

cloupload-app I was using Droplr for a long time and then switched to CloudApp because of the way

Wallpaper of the Week #42

abstract-wallpaper-small Every week we showcase beautiful wallpapers for your desktop, today we ha

Make New Google Camera Work on Jelly Bean Devices

Google recently released a new camera app on Google Play Store which they are calling "Google Camer

Bending Time — Wallpaper of the Week #41

bending-time Every week we showcase beautiful wallpapers for your desktop, today we have a nice ma

How to Make Notification Bar Transparent in Android

transparent-notification-bar Google introduced transparent notification and nav bar in the Kitkat

WWDC 14 — Wallpaper of the Week #40

Apple already announced that WWDC 2014 will be taking place on June 2 at San Francisco and we will

Adobe Lightroom is now Available for iPad

Adobe Lightroom, which is one most popular photo editing app, is now available for iPad. With Light

Comic Neue | Free Font Download

comic-neue Comic Neue is a new font designed by Craig Rozynski which is inspired by Comic Sans, th

Flat Wallpapers Pack for Android

flat-wallpapers-app The Flat design trend has been trending since Apple first unveiled iOS 7 in WW

Tronic — Wallpaper of the Week #39

tronic-wallpaper Every week we showcase beautiful wallpapers for your desktop, today we have a wal

Flamingo for Mac — Review

It's been awhile since I wrote about a Mac app, in fact its been 6 days since I posted something on

HTC One M8

htc-m8-photo HTC just announced One M8, which is now their latest flagship phone. The specs and ph

Lose Yourself — Wallpaper of the Week #38

loose-yourself-small Every week we showcase beautiful wallpapers for your desktop, today we have a

Dragdis is a Drag & Drop Based Bookmarking App

If you're a regular reader of this blog, you may be knowing about, which allows users to s

Tidy is a Gorgeous Gallery App for Android

If you ever used an Android phone with Gingerbread, you may be knowing how featureless the Gallery

15 Beautiful iPhone Homescreen Customizations

iphone-5s-hero Apple's iPhone is no doubt the best smartphone available in the market. No matter t

Aqua | Free Font Download

aqua-font Aqua is a 1940's inspired new font. The font is bold and have a bit more letter spacing

Google Announces Android Wear

androidwear-google-now Google just announced Android Wear which will extend Android OS to Wearable

How to Group Songs of Same Album in iTunes

itunes Recently, I re-partitioned my system to increase the size of Windows partition as I started

Moto 360, Motorola's First Smartwatch Coming this Summer

Just after Google announced the Android OS for Wearables which they are calling Android Wear, Motor

Rise — Wallpaper of the Week #37

rise-small Every week we showcase beautiful wallpapers for your desktop, today we have a beautiful

Lockdown Pro is Beautiful App Locker for Android

lockdown-pro-5 We can always use PIN or Pattern lock for securing our devices from unauthorized ac

Quick Tip — How to Align a Layer in Center in Photoshop

align-layer-center Till yesterday, I used to use the Move Tool in Photoshop to manually move a lay

Unmark — Pinboard like Bookmarking App

Truly saying, I don't use Pinboard, but instead I use which is a free service and easy to

10 Best Themer Themes

I am sure I am not only the one who switch between a lot of android launchers and widgets to make m

Instagram for Android Gets Flat Design

new-instagram-design If you use Instagram on your Android phone, and if you haven't already update

How to Get Spotify New Look on Mac and Windows

spotify-on-mac Couple of weeks ago, Spotify brought a whole new dark look on Mac as well as Deskto

Electric Curiosity — Wallpaper of the Week #36

electric-curiosity-small Every week we showcase beautiful wallpapers for your desktop, today we ha

The Black Raven Architecture

The Black Raven is a concept structure that is situated on water. The structure and the shapes of B

Download HTC M8 Official Wallpapers

htc-m8-wallpaper HTC will soon be unveiling their latest flagship phone which may be called "The N

Classic Smartwatch Concept

smartwatch Although many companies are making smartwatches, it is hard for many of us to go with s

Adobe Revel for Android — Review

adobe-revel-library Adobe yesterday launched the Android app for Revel, the service that lets you

Popcorn Time Streams Movies from Torrents

pocorn-time-mac Popcorn Time is a new app available for Mac, Windows and Linux that streams movies

Simplifica | Free Font Download

simplifica-font Simplifica is a condensed sans-serif font that comes in a single thin weight. Desi

SpeedTao — Download Manager for Mac

When it comes to downloading, most of us use the built-in download functionality that comes bundled

Generate Web Font on Mac with FontPrep

fontprep-mac While designing a site, it is often that we use third-party fonts to enhance typograp

How to Use Spotify on Android Outside US

spotify-android I have been using Spotify on my Mac since a long time and it is one of the best ap

Planet Rain — Wallpaper of the Week #35

planet-rain-small Every week we showcase beautiful wallpapers for your desktop, today we have Plan

Apple CarPlay Will Bring iOS in Cars

Apple's latest announcement is CarPlay, which will bring the basic functionalities of iOS in Cars.

Myrea — Beautiful iOS 7 Winterboard Theme for iPhone

myrea-theme Myrea is yet another beautiful icons theme for jailbroken iPhone. This premium theme c

Vertex Tweak to Bring Mission Control to iOS 7

ios-mission-control Remember the iOS 8 Mission Control concept that we shared a few days back, the

Time Goes By — Wallpaper of the Week #34

time-goes-by-small Every week we showcase beautiful wallpapers for your desktop, today we have a b

oW Weather — Flat Design Weather App for iPhone and Android

ow-weather There are hundreds of weather apps that can be found on Google Play Store but not all o

Lotus C-01 — Superbike with Incredible Design

Lotus C–01 superbike is stunning work of design guru Daniel Simon, the designer whose work can be s

Stunning iOS 8 Mission Control Concept

ios8-misson-control Just as we have seen many concepts and redesign ideas before the launch of iOS

10 Beautiful Mac App Concepts and Designs

Mac has gorgeous and consistent interface as compared to Windows and other operating systems. It's

Facebook to Acquire WhatsApp

facebook-whatsapp Looks like Facebook wants to be the one and the only. In a recent press release

Geometric — Wallpaper of the Week #33

geometric-wallpaper-small Every week we showcase beautiful wallpapers for your desktop, today we h is a Social Network for Gamers

player Just like, a site that allows you to create a About profile of yours, is

Fonts for Mac — Beautiful Font Management

There aren’t much apps for mac that allow you to manage or organize fonts. Fonts is a minimal inter

VSCO Cam 3.0

vsco-cam VSCO Cam is one of the finest photography app for iOS and Android. Today, VSCO Cam 3.0 ha

Triangle — Wallpaper of the Week #32

triangle-wallpaper While browsing for wallpapers on Dribbble, I found a very nice shot titled Colo

Dribbble Apps for Mac, iPhone and iPad

Dribbble is one of my favourite sites for inspiration. The site not only allows designers and devel

Moonshiner | Free Font Download

moonshiner-font Moonshiner is a condensed semi-bold font designed by MattoxShuler. This free typef

Sync Google Fonts to Mac and Windows with Skyfonts

If you’re a designer who loves to play with fonts of different types, then you should be knowing ab

Flappy Bird is Now Available Online

flappy-bird-icon Flappy Bird reminds me of the old retro games that I used to play in childhood. I

Todoist for Mac — Review

There’s awesomeness in simplicity. Todoist is one of the simplest in design, yet powerful in terms

Railing — Wallpaper of the Week #31

railing-wallpaper-small Every week we showcase beautiful wallpapers for your desktop, today we hav

Acies Winterboard Theme for iOS 7

acies-theme Acies is a newly released jailbreak theme for iOS 7 devices. The theme is created by a

Facebook Paper for iPhone

Facebook today announced Paper, a news reader app that will be available for iPhone. The app will f

Apple Store Redesign Concept

Apple’s website is one of the most popular site and is also known for the beautiful front page desi

Contrast — Wallpaper of the Week #30

contrast-wallpaper-small Every week we showcase beautiful wallpapers for your desktop, today we ha

Mail Pilot — Task-focused Email App for Mac

mail-pilot We've seen some nice Email apps like Unibox, Sparrow, Airmail, Postbox and more. Today,

20 Beautiful Website Designs

lavabits-homepage Most designers need inspiration before creating a site. No matter what CMS or pl

30 Years of Mac

apple-mac-pro It’s been 30 years since Steve Jobs first revealed the Mac and the thing is still in

Twitter Card Analytics for Publishers

Its been a while since Twitter announced Twitter Cards for publishers. Integrating Twitter Cards ma

Mac Fish — Wallpaper of the Week #29

mac-fish-wallpaper-small Every week we showcase beautiful wallpapers for your desktop, today we ha

25 iPhone Wallpapers

If you bought a new iPhone and already got bored with the default wallpapers that come packed with

Create Dribbble Powered Portfolio with ⌘+SPACE

With doubts, Dribbble is a favorite spot for graphic designers for showing off their projects. Drib

KUOO's Gorgeous Apartment Design

Katarzyna Kuo Stolarska is a Lodz, Poland based Interior designer and Architecturer who is rocking

Sip is the Best Color Picker App for Mac

sip-mac-app If you’re in the field of designing, then you may be knowing how important colors are

How to Enable Google Now in Chrome Canary

Google is regularly adding new features to its desktop browser. Recently, Google added App launcher

Flat Icon Winterboard Themes for iOS 7

winterboard-flat-theme With the availability of iOS 7 jailbreak tool, it is now possible to custom

Gent | Free Font Download

gent Gent is a bold and italic free font which only has regular style. This free typeface is optim

Basket — Dribbble App for iPhone and iPad

Dribbble is a popular site designed for designers to share what they are working on. It is an invit

Jaku — Cydia Icons Theme for iOS 7

jaku-ios-7 iOS devs are updating their Cydia themes and since Winterboard is now working fine for

Leaf — RSS Reader App for Mac with Feedly Support

We have seen dozens of RSS Readers for Mac till now. Apps like Reeder, Pulp and NetNewsWire are eno

Wallpaper of the Week #28

macro-wallpaper-small Every week we showcase beautiful wallpapers for your desktop, today we have

How to Implement Safari Push Notifications for your Blog

In OS X Mavericks update, Apple announced some new features including tabs in windows, file tagging

Winterboard for iOS 7 Now Available

themed-ios7 The most awaited Winterboard update is already been pushed. Winterboard can now be use

5 Cydia Tweaks for iOS 7 Lockscreen

One of the reasons people jailbreak their iPhone so that they can customize and theme their phones.

Windows Phone 9 UI Concept

Microsoft's Windows OS is gaining reputation among professionals gradually. After Nokia's acquisiti

JUMP — USB Charging Cable that's also a Power Bank

Everyone with smartphone face a common problem, that is the battery life of the phone. Most high-en

Best Bing Wallpapers of 2013

Microsoft's Bing is one of the finest Search engines after Google. Unlike Google, Bing displays a b

Space Blueberry — Stunning iOS 7 Theme

With the release of evasi0n's jailbreak tool, a lot of iOS developers got back in work mode. iOS 7

Pebble Steel Smartwatch

Pebble Smartwatch got huge response when the campaign began in 2012 on Kickstarter. And yesterday a

Wallpaper of the Week #27

abstract-wallpaper-small Every week we showcase beautiful wallpapers for your desktop, today we ha

Odin Rounded | Free Font Download

odin-rounded Odin Rounded is a free font designed by Frank Hemmekam. Odin has bold, round edged ch

Change Font in iOS 7 with BytaFont 2 Cydia App

One of the most popular Cydia App BytaFont, is now available for iOS 7. This app allows users to ap

Unroll — Free Service to Manage Newsletters and Junk Emails

It’s kind of common thing now that we receive lots of junk emails in our Inbox and we have to manua

How to Create URL Shortener for your Blog with Subdomain

There are a lot of URL Shortening services on web which you can use to shorten long URLs for sharin

Photos of Dubai City Architecture by Matthias Heiderich

Since 1971, Dubai city existed as a modern city and it is now one of the finest place in the world.

Best iOS 7 Compatible Cydia Tweaks

iphone-cydia-theme Cydia is a life saver for iOS Users as it increases the customisability feature

10 Best Google Web Fonts

Services like Google Web Fonts and Adobe Edge Fonts make it easy to embed custom fonts on any webpa

Wallpaper of the Week #26

sunset-wallpaper-small Every week we showcase beautiful wallpapers for your desktop, today we have

15 Stunning Nexus 5 Homescreen Customizations

Nexus 5 is one of the best Android phone you can buy right now. What I like about Nexus phones is t

Spotify iOS 7 Redesign Concept

Spotify app for Mac recently got an update, bringing completely new interface and darker background

How to Disable "Seen" and "Typing" Feature in Facebook Chat

Facebook added "Seen On" feature in chat quite earlier and it seems most of the users didn't like t

Unibox is Simple, Clutter-Free Mail App for Mac

When it comes to checking mails, I never preferred using any app. I mostly use Google's Gmail for m

20 Beautiful Typography Designs

Typography isn’t all about fonts, it's about how you use fonts to increase the readability of the c

Wallpaper of the Week #25

edged-wallpaper-small Every week we showcase beautiful wallpapers for your desktop, today we have

Writer Pro | Minimal Text Editor App for Mac

IA's Writer Pro is a simple to use text editor for Mac with lots of features and functionality. If

Here's How To Jailbreak iOS 7 on Your iPhone and iPad

It's not been long time since Apple released iOS 7 for public. Today, evasi0n who is well-known for

Spotiamp App | Winamp Like Spotify Client for Windows

Winamp is one of the oldest Music player for Windows. The music player features a mini-window with

Courgette | Free Font Download

courgette-font Courgette is a free handwriting font which comes with only one weight. This italic

Manage Finder Windows on Mac with Moom App | Review

Just like Windows have Windows Explorer, Mac has Finder which allow users to explore their files. W

Wallpaper of the Week #24

skyscraper-wallpaper-small Every week we showcase beautiful wallpapers for your desktop, today we

Check BitCoin Value on Mac with BitCoin Ticker

If you're a regular Internet surfer, you must be seeing a lot about BitCoins these days. BitCoin is

10 Cool Tumblr Themes with Sidebar

Tumblr is a nice platform for bloggers to share cool stuff online. Tumblr is evolving well after Ya

Mercedes Benz Museum

Mercedes is one of the top automobile brands. One of the best thing about Mercedes is the classic a

Valve's SteamOS is Now Available for Download

Valve' SteamOS is now released for public and can be downloaded now. As announced by Valve, along w

WebFonter Lets you Preview Fonts on Any Website

WebFonter, a new web app allows you test Web fonts from Font FontShop on any website in your browse

Instagram Now Lets You Share Photos and Videos Privately

Instagram held an event today in NYC and they announced a new feature in the Instagram app, Instagr

Spotify Introduces Free Music Streaming for iOS and Android

Spotify, the music streaming service announced free music for iOS and Android users in a conference

Download Android 4.4 Theme for CyanogenMod

Whenever I look at a Nexus 5 news, I find myself searching for a theme to make my Android phone loo

Wallpaper of the Week #23

amazing-landscape-small Every week we showcase beautiful wallpapers for your desktop, today we hav

Facebook Lists Top Life Events, Check-ins and Topics of 2013

The end of the year 2013 is not too far from today and just like last year, Facebook listed the top

10 Free Icon Sets for Web Designers

If you're a web designer who keep on creating PSDs or Web-pages, you must be knowing how important

Create Beautiful Photo Narratives with Exposure

Photography is one of the nicest thing one can do. People take photographs for capturing their memo

FancyCam is an iPhone Camera App with Stunning Live Filters

FancyCam is a new photography app for iPhone that comes with features like live filters and effects

VSCO Cam for Android Released

One of the best photography app for iOS, VSCO Cam, is now available for Android users too. The app

Wallpaper of the Week #22

green-leafs-small Every week we showcase beautiful wallpapers for your desktop, today we have gree

Code | Free Font Download

code-font Code is a rounded sans font with bold and regular as free weights. Code is a multi-purpo

Here Are Some of the Best Black Friday Deals for Geeks

Black Friday is the best day to take to your home some new stuff. If you have been thinking for buy

Wallpaper of the Week #21

grunge-wallpaper-small Every week we showcase beautiful wallpapers for your desktop, today we have

Curator for iPad is a Modern Creativity Tool for Collecting Ideas

If you use apps to collect your ideas and notes like Kippt or Icebergs on the web, then you should

Facebook Messenger for Android and iOS Gets Beautiful Design

I am not a regular user of Facebook Messenger but the new update that rolled out for Android and iO

10 Best Widgetlocker Themes

Widgetlocker is one of the best lock screen replacement app for Android which not only allows you t

Quickly Install CyanogenMod on your Android with Installer App

I have been using CyanogenMod ROM on my phone since the starting and the ROM is very quick. The rea

The Collapse of Cohesion Artwork

The Collapse of Cohesion is a series of drawings which covers various structural elements and the d

Sight Loop | Mini Blogging Theme for Tumblr

sight-loop-theme A Clean, Professional Blogging theme for Tumblr with very creative design. The th

Wallpaper of the Week #20

stones-wallpaper-small Every week we showcase beautiful wallpapers for your desktop, today we have

Wibbitz for iPhone Turns Latest News into Video Summaries

There are a lot of apps for iPhone and Android to consume the latest news around the world. Apps li

Chipolo is Bluetooth Enabled Item Tracker for iPhone and Android

It happens with me most of the time that I forget my stuff anywhere in my home and it takes hard ti

Cover is a Beautiful Lock Screen Replacement Android App | Review

The Stock Jelly bean lock screen is pretty boring for me now. If you are using a Custom ROM like Cy

Google OS Design Concept

Chrome OS is a nice step from Google to give users a pure Google experience on desktops. The Google

How to Unlock Your Mac using Any Bluetooth Device

OS X allows users set a password for their account on Mac so that no else can log into their comput

Get Google Experience Launcher on your Jelly Bean Device

One of the significant changes seen on Android 4.4 is the new Google Experience Launcher. The launc

Neris | Free Font Download

neris-font Neris is a sans font with thin, light, regular, semibold and bold weights with their it

Facebook Introduces New Like and Share Buttons

Since the beginning of the Facebook, there was only the Share button for publishers. After that, Fa

Download Asphalt 8 for iOS and Android | Free for Limited Time

Asphalt is a very nice racing game for high-end Android phones and iOS devices. Truly saying, I hav

Make your Android Look Like iOS 7 with this Theme

iOS 7") is huge in terms of changes in the design and visual appearance. The use of flat icons and

Run Powerful Commands on Chrome with Backtick

Google Chrome is a very powerful browser and the availability of so many extensions makes it more u

Wallpaper of the Week #19

leaf-macro-small Every week we showcase beautiful wallpapers for your desktop, today we have macro

Inboard | Creative Mac App to Organize your Screenshots

There are a lot of apps coming which are basically inspired by Pinterest. Apps like Kippt, IceBergs

Circa is a Minimal News App for Android

I really the way Flipboard displays the news and the features which comes in the app. You can save

Download App APK files from Google Play Store

Google Play Store is a place with thousands of apps for android phones and tablets. You can downloa

Get VSCO Cam Effects with these Photoshop Actions

VSCO Cam is one of the top photography apps for iPhone. The app allows you to apply fantastic filte

Download Nexus 5 Stock Wallpapers

Just after the Nexus 5 announcement, Google also made the system image of Android 4.4 Kitkat availa

Minimalistic Android 5.0 Design Concept

Android is one of the most popular operating system for smartphones and Google is making it more ef

Android 4.4 | Here's a List of New Features

With the release of Nexus 5, Google also announced Android 4.4 which is designed to run smooth, fas

Komoda | Free Font Download

komoda-font Komoda is a beautiful, sans-serif typeface created for headlines and poster designs. T

Pixel Pumper is a Beautiful WordPress Client for Mac

I always edit and make my articles on the web dashboard which comes with WordPress and I quite like

Google Announces Nexus 5 Smartphone

Its been weeks now since we were seeing rumors about the next big thing from Google, the Nexus 5. T

50 Premium Blurred Landscape Backgrounds | Free for Limited Time

If you're a web or graphics designer, then you must be knowing how important are the backgrounds. Y

How to Create Bootable DMG or ISO from Mavericks App

Apple released the latest upgrade of OS X some days back and it's always good to keep your system u

Wallpaper of the Week #18

minimalistic-architecture-small Every week we showcase beautiful wallpapers for your desktop, toda

Molto | Beautiful Email App for iPhone and iPad

It's been a while since Apple pushed the iOS 7 update and most of the users are now used to with th

30 Beautiful Phone App Designs for Inspiration

With the constant release of new smartphones, the popularity of phones and tablets is increasing wi

All You Need to Know About Nokia Lumia 1320 and Lumia 1520

Nokia held an event today in Abu Dhabi and they announced two new Lumia phones and a tablet. The ne

Nokia Lumia 2520 | Nokia's First Tablet Device

Along with the two new phones Lumia 1520 and Lumia 1320, Nokia today announced their first ever tab

Wallpaper of the Week #17

geometry-wallpaper-small Every week we showcase beautiful wallpapers for your desktop, today we ha

20 Parallax Wallpapers for iPad 2 and iPad Mini

With Apple's iOS 7"), one of the trending feature is Parallax effect. When you tilt your phone side

How to Bluetooth Tether Your Android Internet Connection to Mac

Tethering is the best way to share your phone's Internet Connection with your Desktop or Laptop. It

Check Out This Amazing "Think With Google" Video

I don't know much about Google Think Insights until I visited it today. If you don't know about Goo

Uptime Robot is a Free Uptime Monitoring Service

Choosing a Web Host is one of the problems of website owners as you wish to get no downtime. It's n

5 Best CyanogenMod Themes

I play a lot with my android phone and I love to customize it often with different themes and widge

Gmail Login Page Gets New Design and Features

Gmail is the primary mail service I use on a daily basis and I open the site too frequently. Yester

Oami | Free Font Download

oami-font Oami is free font designed by Tommy Beemsterboer. The font has three variants, light, re

We have 5 Invites for Aviate Launcher

Aviate Launcher is the smartest launcher you can have on your android phone. The launcher is in bet

Create Beautiful Blur Wallpapers on your iPhone

iOS 7 is different, a lot different from any of the earlier versions of Apple's OS for iPhone. The

Sony Announces A7 and A7R | Full Frame Mirrorless Cameras

Sony today unveiled  two new cameras, Alpha 7 and  Alpha 7R, world's first mirrorless full-frame co

iOS 7 Inspired Mac OS X Concept

Apple is now confirmed to hold an event on 22nd of October, and everyone knows now that Apple will

Wallpaper of the Week #16

mountains-wallpaper-small Every week we showcase beautiful wallpapers for your desktop, today we h

Google Chrome OS | Review and How to Install

After Google and HP announced HP Chromebook 11, I was curious to know more about Google Chrome OS a

How to Install Ghost Blogging Platform on Mac

Ghost is a new blogging platform first put together by John O'Nolan. It was just a concept a year b

Photos of Nexus 5 Running Android 4.4

It is rumoured that Google is going to release Android 4.4 on October 15 and we will also see the n

Transformer - Beautiful Apartment Concept

I don't how much is 60 square meters but this apartment is one of the best I have seen in months. W

Cuben Space Wallpapers for iPad and Android Devices

I was just surfing through the web and I came across a thread in MIUI ROM forums where a user share

How to Install Chrome OS New Camera App

Google is introducing new features to its Chrome OS day by day. Recently, Google announced Chrome A

Ontwerp | Free Font Download

ontwerp Ontwerp is a squared font with double line in the letters. The font is designed by Emraan

HP Chromebook 11 | HP's First Chrome OS Device

HP introduced today their first laptop that runs on Google's Chrome OS, HP Chromebook 11. It is als

Wallpaper of the Week #15

painting-small Every week we showcase beautiful wallpapers for your desktop, today we have a very

20 Beautiful Nexus 7 Homescreen Customizations

Nexus 7 is one of the popular tablet device among Android users. As an Android device, the possibil

5 Creative WordPress Themes for Bloggers

You can use WordPress to create site of any niche but it is a fact that WordPress is more of a blog

Loom is a Good Alternative to Apple's iCloud

iCloud is great feature that keeps your photos and videos in sync with all your Apple devices. You Saves Your Bookmarks on Cloud

Google Chrome and Firefox already have the bookmarks and history syncing feature so that you can br

Wallpaper of the Week #14

cube-small Every week we showcase beautiful wallpapers for your desktop, today we have cube wallpa

Google Web Designer App | Review

Web Designer is a newly released tool from Google for Windows and Mac, which is currently in beta.

Simplenote | Minimal Note Taking App for Mac, iOS and Android

There are not much apps in the market which allows you to sync your notes across your devices. Simp

Chronus is a Holo Clock Widget for Android

While we can use apps like UCCW and Minimalist Text to create our own clock widgets, it is always g

Amazing YouTube Redesign Concept

YouTube is among the most popular Video sharing sites, and most importantly, it is a part of Google

Need for Speed is Not Only a Game Now

We have seen a lot of sequels of popular racing game Need for Speed by Electronic Arts, but it is n

25 Home Office Designs for Inspiration

One of the reason working from home is better than working in offices is that you can are your own

Fira Sans | Free Font Download

fira-sans Fira Sans is a free sans-serif font designed by Erik Spiekermann for Firefox OS. The fon

9 Flat GUI Kits and Icon Packs

The Flat Web Design trend is quite popular among designers now. And not only designers are followin

Ride Around the World | Rob Lutter's Photographic Journey

A guy left his home to start a photographic journey to travel around the world and capture the jour

Wallpaper of the Week #13

blue-gradient-small Every week we showcase beautiful wallpapers for your desktop, today we have bl

Microsoft Announces Surface 2 and Surface Pro 2 Tablets

Microsoft just announced the next generation of Microsoft devices, Surface 2 and Surface Pro 2. Mic

Download BBM for Android

We have seen a leaked version of BBM but that was incomplete and though the app was launching and w

Aviate is Classic, Organized Android Launcher | Review

Since the release of Aviate Launcher, I was really excited to get the Invite Code for hands-on the

GTA V Cheat Sheet for Xbox 360 and PS3

GTA V is already released now and is available to buy. The first day sales hit $800 million which s

WhatsApp for iOS 7 | Redesign Concepts

WhatsApp is an app with huge user base, and it is one of the most used networking and chatting app.

20 Parallax Wallpapers for iPhone Users

If you are done updating your Apple device with iOS 7, you may have noticed the cool Parallax Effec

Blackberry Z30 to Feature 5 inch Screen, Time Shift and Priority Hub

Its been awhile since we had any news from Blackberry. But they announced Blackberry Z30 today whic

Download iOS 7 Final for Your Device [IPSW]

Apple started rolling out iOS 7 final in different regions now, and if you want to install the fina

Nice Weather | Minimal Weather App for Android

Till now, my favorite weather app was Eye in Sky Weather, but from now on its Nice Weather for Andr

How to Know if Your Mail Has Been Read

Google Mail is one of the mostly used emailing service and users from all over the world use it as

Wallpaper of the Week #12

seascape-small Every week we showcase beautiful wallpapers for your desktop, today we have amazing

Gutsy | Free Font Download

gutsy-font Gutsy is a light font with 4 variants, regular, bold, italic and italic bold. The way t

Nix Scans Colors of Real Objects to Smartphones

It is the first time I am seeing something like this, a color sensor which allows you to scan color

iPhone 5s vs iPhone 5c Explained

Apple's 10th September event was a special day for Apple where they announced the next generation o

10 Minions Desktop Wallpapers

Minions are one of the most loved characters when it comes to animated movies. If you are like me w

Windows 9 | Amazing Desktop Concept

Microsoft is going to release Windows 8.1 next, so it will take a long time for Windows 9 update, b

iPhone 5S Camera Sample Photos

The Camera in iPhone 5s has got major improvements and the Image sensor in it is now 15 percent lar

iPhone 5S Announced | Specs and Photo Gallery

Apple just released their new flagship device, iPhone 5S with not only new color option but some ne

Wallpaper of the Week #11

osx-wallpaper-small Every week we showcase beautiful wallpapers for your desktop, today we have OS

20 Classic Black and White Typography Works

Typography is a fine art of presenting content in creative formats considering not only creativity

Are you Ready for New iPhones ?

It's now less than 24 hours remaining for the Apple event where Tim Cook is going to unveil long ru

How to Embed YouTube Video to Play in HD By Default

Whenever we embed a YouTube video on our sites, the video plays on 360p by default. We have to chan

Instagram for iOS 7 | Flat Redesign

Ever since Apple unveiled iOS 7, graphic designers are taking special interest in making concept de

iPhone 5C Overview Video

With numerous leaks of iPhone 5C and iPhone 5S, we now have first look at Apple's upcoming budget p

Marvel to Launch JARVIS App for iPhone

Marvel just announced that they are Officially releasing JARVIS iPhone app on 10th of September, th

How to Enable Chrome App Launcher on Mac

Though Google haven’t released Chrome App Launcher for Mac users officially but you can enable it f

Mojave | Free Font Download

mojave-font Mojave is a all-caps font with very less spacing between the alphabets. The font has 4

Customize My Android #3

Its been awhile since I have added any tutorial in CMA series. I recently re-organized my homescree

Icon Themer is a Winterboard Like App for Android

If you are an Android freak, then you may be knowing about Xposed Framework. Icon Themer is a Mod f

Take Better Macro Photos using Easy-Macro Lens for Smartphones

Easy-Macro is a lens for Android phones as well as iPhones which allows you to take better Macro ph

30 Beautiful Macro Photos

One of the best techniques of taking photos is focussed or macro photography. The technique is to f

Download Galaxy Note 3 Official Wallpaper

Samsung announced their successor for the Note series, Galaxy Note 3 which comes with a huge 5.7 in

Meet Google's KitKat | Android 4.4

The Key Lime Pie rumours were wrong, Android 4.4 is officially named "Kit Kat". There was also a ru

Sony Announces Xperia Z1 Smartphone

Sony Xperia Z1 is the latest smartphone from Sony, a product that could come only out of Sony. In t

Wallpaper of the Week #10

autumn-macro-small Every week we showcase beautiful wallpapers for your desktop, today we have bea

10 Android Flat Themes and UCCW Skins

Inspired by the newest Web Design Trend, Android Themers are using Flat Icons and Interface in thei

How to Change Icons on Mac OS X

Whether it is a dock icon or an application, there's a simple way to change the icons on your Mac O

The Winter House Architecture

Winter House is a minimal and simple architecture design posted by Artur Yusupov on Behance. The ho

Laguna HD is a Beautiful Retina Theme for iPad

Do you have iPad with Retina Display ? If so, then this beautiful cydia theme is for you. Laguna HD

Weather iOS 7 | Minimal Weather App Concept

It's often that we see iOS and Android concepts on sites like Behance, Dribbble and DeviantArt. Wea

Bravo | Free Font Download

bravo-typeface Bravo Typeface includes 600 characters and comes in 3 variants, regular, small caps

Long Shadow Photoshop Action | Freebie

Whether it is a text or an icon, you can use this free Photoshop Action designed by Zinx to apply l

How to Share Blog Posts on Google+ Pages Quickly

Alike Facebook, Twitter and other social sites, Google+ doesn't allow third-party apps to post on y

SwiftKey, Cut the Rope | Free for Limited Time from Amazon App Store

Want to get Cut the Rope Android game for free ? Amazon App Store is celebrating the completion of

Mac 'n' Cheese | Creative Animated Short-film

Vimeo is powering creative video and short-film makers. Mac 'n' Cheese is a beautiful animated shor

Pressy is a Little Button to Control Your Android Smartphone

We have seen Active Notification feature in Moto X, but have you ever thought that you will be able

10 Best MIUI Themes

Apart from number of features in MIUI ROM, ability to use themes and skins is really popular. There

Minimalistic iOS 7 Concept Design

We have already seen lot of concepts and designs for iOS 7 redesign, but this concept is different.

Wallpaper of the Week #9

multicolor-gradient-small Every week we showcase beautiful wallpapers for your desktop, today we h

How to Install MIUI ROM

When it comes to Android ROMs, CyanogenMod and MIUI are most popular ones and mostly used. Installi

72 Film and Retro Photoshop Effects | Free for Limited Time

Creative Market is a marketplace of design and graphic stuff and one of the cool things about marke

Speed Download | Best Download Manager for Mac

Browsers have built-in download features but it is good to extend the functionality for managing th

How to Embed Facebook Posts on a Website

It's been a while since Facebook introduced Embed Posts feature. You can embed any of your statuses

15 Creative Advertisement Ideas

Advertisements are the key to promotion and marketing for brands and companies. We see a lot of adv

How to Download YouTube Videos on Android Devices

Its more often that you like a video on YouTube and you just want to download it on your device. It

The "Titanic in Color" Project

Russian photo editor Anton Logvynenko has redefined the old photos of Titanic into refreshed ones.

6 Minimal Icon Sets for Android Launchers

Most of the popular launchers like Nova, Apex, ActionLauncher Pro for Android support the use of ic

Fjalla One | Free Font Download

fjalla-one Fjalla is a free font designed by Sorkin Type, it is a condensed sans-serif bold font.

Nokia goes Microsoft with Nokia Lumia 1020 vs Apple iPhone Ad

It's been awhile since Nokia released Lumia 1020 and it looks like Nokia is getting less attention

10 Beautiful iOS and Android Lock-Screens

Whether it is a case or an app, we all focus on customizing our phones to make it look good and att

Pinstorm - Ultra Minimal Tumblr Theme

pinstorm-cover-590-300 Pinstorm is a Simple, Creative and Ultra-Minimal Tumblr Theme for Professio

10 Free Fonts for Graphic Designers

Designers have one problem in common, they keep searching fonts for using in their Graphic Design a

Wallpaper of the Week #8

mushroom-wallpaper-small Every week we showcase beautiful wallpapers for your desktop, today we ha

Apply Instagram Video Effects using Photoshop Actions

Instagram is popular because of its filters and effects. The filter makes ordinary photos look good

This is How Twitter Should Be | Design Concept

Twitter is one of the popular sites that aims to make communication easy. Twitter has got very simp

11 New Magazine Wordpress Themes

Magazine is one of the most popular layout among WordPress bloggers. I prefer using custom themes o

Kippt Saves Articles, Resources and Inspiration on Web Beautifully

There are apps which allows you to save your favorite articles so that you can read them later, my

Maqfee | Clean and Elegant Free Tumblr Theme

maqfee-promo-620 Maqfee is elegant, minimal and free theme for tumblr with all the customization o

Fleksy | Best Keyboard App for Android

There are a lot of keyboard apps on Play Store, but this Fleksy is the most powerful and sleek keyb

20 Amazing Crystallized Wallpapers

When it comes to customization, wallpapers are the building blocks. I have been seeing the trend of

How to Download Videos from Instagram

Instagram added support for 15 second videos a few months back. If you find Instagram videos on you

TorchMusic | Minimal Music Streaming App for Android

Looking for a simple and free music player for your Android phone ? TorchMusic is a minimal and eas

7th Annual iPhone Photography Awards 2013 Winning Photos

Apple's iPhone is one of the best camera smartphone and is widely used. iPhone is a serious camera

Customize My Android #2

This is the second update to Customize My Android series. Today's homescreen is based on a unique l

Do We Really Need Smartwatch ?

I ask myself more often that do we really need something like smartwatch which can function almost

Sony Lens Camera for Smartphones

Sony is working on a "Lens Camera" technology which means a lot for smartphones. Sony's Lens Camera

Wallpaper of the Week #7

pattern-wallpaper-small Every week we showcase beautiful wallpapers for your desktop, today we hav

Xata | Beautiful House Architecture Design

I love design, be it online design or offline. I like beautiful architectures and I showcase best o

HTC Releases "Here's To Change" Ads Casting Robert Downey Jr

HTC is not as good as Samsung at marketing their phones, but in the new advertisement series tagged

Photos of iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C

It is confirmed now that the release date for iPhone 5S, or may iPhone 6 is 10th of September. With

Access Blocked Sites on Windows with PirateBrowser

PirateBay, a site which is popular for storing billions of torrents, just released PirateBrowser. A

FlatIcons Theme for iPad and iPhone

Flat Design, again! If you know something good, you can't resist yourself to achieve creativity. He

8 Sites Redesigned with Flat UI

When there comes a new trend in design community, everyone seeks to follow the trend show up their

Ubuntu Lockscreen App for Android

Ubuntu Touch is Canonical's mobile version of Ubuntu OS and it is just as the desktop Ubuntu. Ubunt

How to Use Android Device Manager to Locate your Lost Phone

One of my friends recently lost his Android phone and unfortunately the newly released Android Devi

20 Beautiful Long Shadow Designs

Long Shadow is the new Design Trend and Graphic Designers are making use of Long Shadows in their i

30 Creative and Unique Business Card Designs

Business Cards are important if you want to spread your business. Everybody wants more business and

Wallpaper of the Week #6

beautiful-macro-mini Every week we showcase beautiful wallpapers for your desktop, today we have b

War Photography | Images of Armed Conflict and Its Aftermath

Conflict Photographers risk their lives and their living just for taking right photographs at right

Vox is a Minimal Music Player for Mac

Vox, a beautiful and free music player for OS X is in beta now, but it will be releasing out of bet

Facebook Messenger for Desktop - A Beautiful Concept

Facebook already released a messenger app a while back for their Windows Users which allows quick c

Make & Receive Phone Calls on Mac with Dialogue Mac App

Dialogue app for Mac is unique one, one of its kind which allows you to make calls from your Mac an

Sync Gmail Contacts to Mac Contacts with CardDAV

Mac Address Book is great for those who owns most Apple products as it is easy to sync content betw

Got Bored with Your Current Android Launcher? Try Facebook Home

Facebook released Facebook Home launcher for Android in the starting of this year and it has evolve

Will Moto X be your Next Smartphone ?

Moto X is announced now without any live stream from Google. I don't know if Google is making a pro

Biggest Panorama Photo Ever Captured

Panorama photos is a new way of taking photos, which appear much wider and captures more area than

How to Create your Blog's Flipboard Magazine

Flipboard is one of the best feeds app available. No other app in the category gathers content in s

20 Beautiful Workspace Designs

We love to showcase creative and minimal architecture and interior/workspace designs. Normally, you

Wallpaper of the Week #5

landscape-small Every week we showcase beautiful wallpapers for your desktop, today we have beauti

10 New Tumblr Themes for Writers

Tumblr is my second favorite blogging platform because of its customizability. I like it because yo

How to Speed Up Mac Performance

I have been using Mac since some years now and I notice performance issues from time to time. This

16 Creative 3D Drawings on Paper

Alessandro Diddi is an artist from Italy who designs creative 3D Drawings that creates illusions. T

Infinite Manifestation - A Minimal Architecture Design

I love minimal architecture designs. Infinite Manifestation is a series of photos taken by US Photo

iOS 7 Control Center for Android

Control Center is one of the features introduced in Apple's iOS 7 Update"). With just a swipe, you

Android 4.3 Released | Here's List of New Features

With the release of new Nexus 7, Google also announced Android 4.3 with some new features and impro

Google Announces New Nexus 7 | Video

Google just announced the new Nexus 7 in the press event. With the power of Google's Android and pe

Macaw for Mac is Smartest Web Design App

Macaw is a mac app which allows designers to create webpages easily without the need of coding. Whe

Wallpaper of the Week #4

dawn-bokeh-small Every week we showcase beautiful wallpapers for your desktop, today we have a bea

10 Best Cydia Themes for iPhone

Cydia tweaks helps iOS devices to go beyond the existing settings and allows applying themes and tw

Panasonic Lumix TZ30 Review

Panasonic released Lumix TZ30, an Advanced Point and Shoot camera in the previous year. The camera

Ubuntu Edge : The Ubuntu Smartphone

The company behind Ubuntu is raising $32,000,000 for the flagship Ubuntu Smartphone, they are calli

Moto X Phone in White Looks Gorgeous

Moto X is coming on August 1 but techies can't wait to see the phone, and the Moto X phone specs ar

Squito is a 360 Panoramic Camera Ball

The beginning of the Panorama photos was from the Android when Google first introduced the Panorama

EyeEm App Review - An Instagram Alternative

EyeEm is another photo discovering and sharing app for Android and Apple devices which serves as an

Locket Android App Pays You for Unlocking your Lockscreen

Now you can make money with your android phone with Locket app. What was the last time you made mon

The Best Despicable Me Minions Illustrations

Gru's army in the lab, the Minions are exceptional characters in Despicable Me. They speak in forei

Rolling Stone Magazine Cover Features Boston Bombing Suspect

The Rolling Stone Magazine 2013 Cover is featuring the mind behind the bombing in Boston Marathon.

Customize My Android #1

We just started with the CMA series and this is the first tutorial of the series. I personally love

Mac Like Theme for Windows 8

With the release of Windows 8, more users have switched to Windows 8. Here's a cool mac transformat

Wallpaper of the Week #3

green-pattern-small Every week we showcase beautiful wallpapers for your desktop, this is a green

How to Create Animated GIF on Mac

GIF, Graphics Interchange Format is a popular format for displaying animated images. There are a lo

GlassUp is a Better and Cheaper Google Glass Alternative

It is inspired from Google Glass only, but with the things it can do, GlassUp is a better plus a ch

Lernstift is a Pen That's Almost a Computer

When was the last time you wrote something and you noticed spelling mistakes ? Because you are not

Moto X Phone Video Leaks New Google Now

Moto X Phone is going to be a big deal, the phone pictures were leaked before and now this video sh

This is Probably the Best iPhone 6 Concept Design

With all the hypes on iPhone Light and iPhone 5S, here's another cool and probably one of the best

Workaround lets New Users Login in Falcon Pro App

Falcon Pro is another twitter client app for Android phones. Most of the users I knew switched to F

All About Nokia Lumia 1020 and First Sample Photos

Nokia just announced Lumia 1020, the new flagship Windows Phone which runs on Windows Phone OS 8. N

New GTA 5 Trailer Goes Live on YouTube

Rockstar games released the Official trailer of Grand Theft Auto 5 which is going to launch on Sept

Twitter for Mac Updated

Twitter for Mac has got a new update last night and it has got the better notifications now. Previo

Typography Evolution From Paper To Screen

Typography is one of the most important Web Design Elements, the industry which focuses on the read

Creative Kaleidoscope Wallpapers for HTC One

HTC One is one of the best looking phones out there, physically as well as the HTC Sense 5 UI. HTC

Why iPhone Light is going to be an Incredible Apple Smartphone

iPhone Light, which most sites are terming as the cheaper version of iPhone alongwith iPhone 5S are

Wallpaper of the Week #2

minimal-arrows Every week we showcase beautiful wallpapers for your desktop, this is a minimal wal

30+ Mac Shortcuts and Hidden Features

Want to your boost productivity of your Mac ? Shortcuts are nice way to work fast then hovering mou

Skype for Android Redesigned

skype-metro Skype app for android is completely changed and looks inspired from Windows Phone 8 In

Download Flat Icons Pack for Android Launchers

flat-android-icons Everyone likes to customise phones and that's only the thing Android phones are

Best Client for Mac and Windows client It is always better to use desktop clients for sites like Twitter, because w

Every Leica has a Soul | Short-film

every-leica-has-soul The camera, Leica M-Monochrom which is made to shoot Black and White photos w

Here's How Popular Apps Should Look Like in iOS 7

With the release of iOS 7, a lot of concepts are coming up for icons and design suggestions. Apple'

How to Install Windows 8.1

windows-8.1 Microsoft just released Windows 8.1 and it is available for download now, free. You ca

Team Collaboration Made Easy with Azendoo

Azendoo is an effective service which makes team communication and project management very easy. We

Wallpaper of the Week #1

wallpaper7681 Every week we showcase beautiful wallpapers for your desktop, this wallpaper shows u

6 Beautiful Pokemon Wall Posters

Pokemon was the cartoon show I used to watch everyday when I was a kid. One of the most adventurous

Adobe Photoshop CS6 Statistics | Video

about-photoshop-cs6 Adobe released Photoshop CC last week and before introducing the creative clou

iPhone's Marimba Ringtone Redefined | Video

dont-call-me Since the release of Apple's first iPhone, the only consistent thing is the default r

How to Quickly Download YouTube Videos on Mac

youtube-video-downloader YouTube have a big database of videos from all over the world. So, for wa

AOL Reader is Feedly and Google Reader Alternative

aol-reader-devices Google Reader was a perfect feed reader web app by Google, and I don't know wha

Eye In Sky Weather - Beautiful Android Weather App

android-weather-app There are a lot of weather apps in Google Play Store, all of them work the sam

iOS 7 Theme for MIUI

miui-ios-theme MIUI is very popular Custom ROM for android phones, and just after Apple unveiled i

"Jobs" Movie Trailer Released

Screenshot 2013-06-22 at 4.00.44 PM Movie "Jobs" starring Ashton Kutcher is going to release in Au

Adobe Photoshop CC | What's New

Adobe recently released Adobe Photoshop's sequel, Adobe Photoshop CC which is now part of Creative

Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie Concepts

Google is about to release Android 5.0 which will be named Key Lime Pie, here I am featuring previe

Instagram Adds Video Sharing and CINEMA

instagram-video-sharing Instagram now have video sharing feature to compete with Twitter's Vine ap

Wallpaper | Winter Tree

winter-tress We showcase beautiful wallpapers every week, and this week, we have Winter Trees. Do

Minuum Keyboard for Android

minuum-android-keyboard Minuum is tiny keyboard app for android that simplifies typing, increases

Better iOS 7 Flat Icons Concept

iOS 7 is out and here is guide to install iOS 7 on your iPhone"). It's good that Apple brought flat

How to Use Facebook Hashtags Search

facebook-hashtags Facebook introduced hashtags recently and almost all facebook users have got the

How to Install iOS 7 Beta on iPhone [Video]

Install iOS7 Since Apple released iOS 7, everybody wants to hands-on the new experience as it is a

Apply Beautiful Themes on Mac with Flavours

flavours-mac Everybody loves customisation and if you are Macintosh, then you must be knowing that

Download Mac OS X Mavericks Wallpaper

OS X Maverick Wallpaper Apple announced a bunch of new additions and improvements in yesterday's W

Kuvva Mac Wallpaper App | Review

kuvva-desktop Everyone likes to customise their desktop to make it look beautiful and clutter free

Astonishing Fine Art Photography of Bondi Beach

Bondi Beach is a popular beach located in Sydney, Australia. And the place never seemed so good til

Windows 8.1 Video Shows Small Tiles and New Improvements

Windows 8.1 Preview Microsoft never stops pushing new updates to their one and most popular produc

Amazon Launches Online Store in India

Amazon India Amazon, the leading online shopping site quietly launches focussing on Indi

Official Plant vs Zombies 2 Trailer Released

plant-vs-zombies Plant vs Zombies is a very beautifully designed game for iOS, and got much popula

Twitter's Vine App Comes to Android

Vine App for Android Twitter release its popular short video sharing app, Vine for Android Users w

Tilt Shift Photo App for Mac

Mountains Tilt Shift Tilt Shift is a technique to capture wide area photo focussing on particular

25 Minimal UI Designs

Minimal Designs We see a lot of stuff in our surroundings, we notice the ones which we find attrac

Transformers 4 | A Look at New Autobots

New Optimus Prime Transformers is an amazing science fiction movie series showing the hi-fi techno

Expect iOS 7 and OS X Updates at WWDC 2013

Apple Developer Conference Tim Cook talked about the iOS redesign in the All Things Digital confer

How to Make Your Tweets Influencing [INFOGRAPHICS]

Maximize Tweets Infographics Twitter is one of the important social sites you should be active on.

Atom Launcher gives Minimal Interface to Android Homescreen

Atom Launcher Android Customization is the power of Android, which you can't have on an iPhone or

How to Integrate Twitter Cards on Blogs

Twitter recently released Twitter Cards Support for blogs and websites. Twitter Cards makes your bl

Wordpress Releases Official Magazine Theme | Further

Further Magazine Theme WordPress celebrated completion of its 10th year on 27th of May. A WordPres

Apple Releases New TV Ad "Music Every Day"

Apple New Music Advertisement Apple is trending these days, and why it would not be ? WWDC is in t

Ultimate iPhone 6 Concept Supports Projectable Mac | Video

iPhone 6 There are a lot of iPhone 5s and iPhone 6 concepts coming up, not only the Image concepts

Flickr Gets Brilliant Redesign and Gives 1TB of Free Space

New Flickr Design Yahoo just bought Tumblr, and here Flickr gets a new redesign with completely di

One Retro - Ultra Responsive and Minimal Tumblr Theme

One Retro Tumblr Theme One Retro is simple, clean and minimal design responsive premium Tumblr The

Sites to Showcase Your Design Related Stuff

Design Showcase Sites It is good to create a portfolio of your work, which makes it easy to organi

Give Your Wordpress Dashboard New Look | Wordpress MP6

Wordpress Dashboard MP6 WordPress Dashboard is somewhat classy but it needs some design improvemen

History of Typography in Graphic Design [INFOGRAPHICS]

Typography Typography is one of the fundamentals of Designing, and is a priority part of Web and G

How to Get New Google Maps

New Google Maps Google revealed new updates for Google Maps, which was mentioned in our previous p

20 Phone UI Designs for Inspiration

Phone UI Design Inspiration There are lot of apps releasing everyday, for Android and iOS. But do

Use Google Fonts in Photoshop with Extensis Plugin

Photoshop Google Fonts Plugin Photoshop is one of my mostly used app and I am typography lover too

Wallpaper | On The Way

On The Way Wallpaper We showcase beautiful wallpapers every week, and this week, we have On The Wa

Google Nexus Galaxy S4

Google Galaxy Nexus S4 Google I/O 2013 event went good yesterday with a couple of new announcement

Nokia Lumia 925

Nokia Lumia 925 Nokia announced new flagship device today, Lumia 925 with whole new body design. T

Wallpaper | Natural Green

Nature Wallpaper We showcase beautiful wallpapers every week, and this week, we have Natural Green

How to Automate Watermarks in Photoshop

Watermark Photo Adobe Photoshop is a true friend of every designer, whether you are graphic design

Amazing iPhone 6 and iPhone Mini Concept | Video

iPhone 6 Concept Designers are showing up lot of interest in concept designs, specially on Apple P

Wallpaper | Green Bamboo

Green Bamboo Wallpaper We showcase brilliant wallpaper every week, and this week, we have Green Ba

RSS Feed Notifications on Mac with Monotony

Monotony App for Mac Montony is a free app which notifies you on RSS feed updates. Unless other RS

Best Illustrations by Mike Harrison

This is first post on ZINX Magazine and I am going to showcase my recent discovery, the illustratio