client It is always better to use desktop clients for sites like Twitter, because with desktop apps, you can manage your profile easily and you don't have to open the site again and again. Apps comes with notifications and advanced options that you won't get while browsing through these sites on a browser.

Almost all twitter addict or twitter power users use desktop clients for twitter for easy navigation, and it is same with twitter like social stream site, which has a lot of desktop and phone clients to manage account and update the status. is twitter like social network in case you are unaware of, which uses the same terms as of twitter, like mentions, following and followers. Works pretty much the same as twitter but not as popular as Twitter.

If you are regular user, and you use the site from your browser, then you should switch to a desktop client. Below are some of the best clients for Mac OS as well as Windows.


Wedge is the best client for mac users. It comes with a simple interface in which you can navigate through your profile, the main feed, the global feed, mentions etc. You have shortcuts for faster access too. You can also search right from the app, for users or hashtags.

Mac, Free



Kiwi is another mac client for which works pretty good and is faster than Wedge. It also shows up all your profile information with notifications, private messages etc.

Mac, Costs $10



Amy integrates private messages and group chats into Messages for Mac and allows you to receive and reply to your messages right from your Messages app.

Mac, Free



MetroAppNet is beautiful client for windows which adopts the Metro app design and shows up all your profile and feed stream. It works the same way as messages in Windows 8.

Windows, Free



Cauldron is cross-platform simple looking social network, allows you to explore your account right from your desktop, and it is pretty fast.

Windows/Mac/Linux, Free


If you are still not on, don't worry, you can join using this link.