If you're a web or graphics designer, then you must be knowing how important are the backgrounds. You can use backgrounds on sites and blogs to make them look good. But you cannot use normal photos or images as backgrounds, because they usually look messed up with the site and its design.

Creative Market's Free Good of the Week is a nice place to download the best premium resources for free. This week in Free Goods, we have a set of 50 Beautiful Blurred Landscape backgrounds available in 4 variants, that means the collection includes 200 high quality backgrounds.

blurred-background blurred-background-1 blurred-background-2 blurred-background-3

Items you'll receive in the pack.

  • 50 Blurred Images
  • 50 Blurred and Noisy Images
  • 50 Blurred Sorrow-Filtered Images
  • 50 Blurred Sorrow-Filtered and Noisy Images

The resolution of the backgrounds is 1920 x 1080 pixels at 72 dpi.