Adobe released Photoshop CC last week and before introducing the creative cloud package, Adobe put all the statistics of Photoshop series as a video on YouTube. It was the time after the release of Photoshop CS6 and before Photoshop CC.

It looks like it is the end of CS series as Photoshop is now a part of Creative Cloud family and will come up in CC series only. Adobe released this video on the achievement of 5 Millions Facebook Fans on the Official Photoshop Page which is a huge number.

Whatever the point is, the video is very interesting and put together all the statistics related the Adobe Photoshop application. Here is the breakdown of all the facts that you are going to see in the video.

  • 10,000 people hours to build Photoshop CS6
  • 4.5 millions lines of coding
  • 1900 icons replaced since the last version
  • 24 changes to the Crop Tool
  • 2563 beta testers
  • 300,000 pixels largest document size in Photoshop CS6
  • 65 new fan-requested features
  • 2 new content-aware features
  • 47 menu items consolidated
  • 9 babies born to the Photoshop Team during the production of Photoshop CS6
  • 601 cases of beer consumed during production
  • Friday 13th is the day when Photoshop CS6 was finished and codename "Superstition"
  • 500,000 Photoshop CS6 beta downloads in the first week