I recently came across Chapi, a web app that lets you save anything from web for later. I have tried lots of such services like Raindrop, Saved.io etc. Currently I use Dropmark for saving inspiration and design related stuff and I use Stash for saving links and sending webpages to my phone or other devices. It’s a good combination and works well for me.

What I like about Chapi is that apart from letting you save web pages just like most of such services, you can save text too. All you have to do is highlight the text and save it. It works pretty nicely, and when you access the page again from your Chapi timeline, it’ll highlight the exact text. Here’s a video of how it works:

Chapi also has nice and clean design. It’s currently in alpha but works pretty well. They recently added an option to tag each item for better organization but I seldom use tagging feature.

One more thing that I like about Chapi is that you can save content using Chrome extension in just one click, or with a shortcut. Just one click on save or a shortcut and that’s it. I hate adding tags or do anything after I do the save, it should be quick just like Chapi.