Ubuntu Touch is Canonical's mobile version of Ubuntu OS and it is just as the desktop Ubuntu. Ubuntu Touch was released for Android phones with high specifications and because of this, many Android smartphones are missing Ubuntu Touch.

The phones that supports Ubuntu Touch are high-end phones and includes Google's Nexus devices and some other phones which have developer support and interest. If you like Ubuntu Touch UI and you want to have the Ubuntu taste on your phone, you can make it by customizing it with different apps and widgets.


When I first had look at Ubuntu Touch, what I liked the most about it is the Usability, Interface and the use of colours. They ported the whole Desktop Ubuntu onto the phone. And recently, Canonical ran a Kickstarter at Indiegogo for their own device, Ubuntu Edge which will be booting Android and Ubuntu Touch simultaneously.

Here's a newly released Android app which allows you to replace your current lockscreen with Ubuntu like lockscreen which you can unlock just like you do in real Ubuntu Touch, with just a swipe from left to right.

The app is customizable and you have a lot of options for tweaking. You can add Owner Info or any message on the lockscreen, and you can enable or disable status bar on lockscreen.

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What you have to do first to set up the lockscreen is choose the default launcher app, as it sets itself the default launcher and then it opens your preferred launcher. You have Animation Settings, and Music player option on the lockscreen which allows you to control and play or pause music right from the lockscreen.

What I liked about this lockscreen app is that it have support for Security unlike other lockscreen apps which just skips the Security screen where you need to enter the pattern or the PIN.

Ubuntu Lockscreen