If you’re addicted to Reddit just as me or as a typical Reddit user, then it is obvious that you must be using a Reddit app on your smartphone. And since the community is so huge, there are lots of developers coming up with their version of Reddit apps. Before discovering Reddit Now v3, I was using Reddit is fun app and it was quite satisfying and its interface matched the Reddit’s simplistic design and color scheme.


Reddit Now’s version 3.0.6 update brings card based user interface and a new app icon. The new icon has a Reddit’s alien icon with a nice page flip like background. The best thing is that Reddit Now supports multiple accounts. So, if you have more than one accounts on Reddit, you can easily use this app to browse multiple accounts.

When you launch the app for the first time, it shows an overview of how to navigate through different sections. Reddit Now’s navigation is mainly based on gestures. Swiping from left brings the menu which lists your profile related links like Subscriptions, Messages and Saved posts. You can add multiple accounts using this navigation and switch between your accounts if you have more than one accounts added already.

The main screen lists the posts on the front-page of your Reddit, and you can navigate through your Subreddits by simply swiping left or right. There are buttons on the top right for Refreshing the current page and Menu which lets you sort the posts. The app lists all your Subreddits in a horizontal based navigation. You can just scroll through this navigation to quickly jump to other Subreddits. All the posts are displayed in card based interface with title, excerpt or image and the meta. Users can quickly upvote or downvote and save posts using the buttons at the bottom of each post. For Image posts, tapping on the image opens it in the app itself and you get options for copying the link to clipboard, open it in browser and save the image on your device(which is helpful for downloading wallpapers).

Talking about the interface, it is much better than other Reddit clients which I’ve tested so far and includes BaconReader, Reddit is fun and Flow for Reddit. The transitions are smooth and fast. Users can switch between Light and Dark themes. The app features customisable cards and lets you select between Full Size cards, Compact Cards and Tiny Cards. You can also select the text size for the posts. So, you get a nice set of customization options with Reddit Now.

No matter what Reddit client you are currently using, Reddit Now deserves a try and I am sure you’ll like it. Reddit Now is free on Google Play Store.