Everyone with smartphone face a common problem, that is the battery life of the phone. Most high-end phones come with satisfying battery life, but users with moderate to extreme usage may find problems with their phone's battery life.

To deal with low battery problems, most of us use Power banks. There are a lot of Power banks of different types and of varying powers which can charge your smartphone on the go, be it iPhone or Android.


JUMP is a different kind of Power bank, which is also a USB Charging cable.

Or you can also say that JUMP is a charging cable with built-in power bank. There are two versions of JUMP, one for iPhone, and the other for Android and Blackberry devices which comes with Micro-USB port.

JUMP works as combination of three devices. You can use it in place of your Battery Jacket, Charging cable and your Power bank. Just like you charge your iPhone or Android with Lightning connector or the USB Charging cable, you can use JUMP in place of original charging cable and it will charge your phone normally.

When you charge your phone with JUMP, it charges your phone and at the same time it charges itself too. Unlike Power banks, you don't need to charge it separately.


This compact device is packed with 800mAH power and weighs less than two AA batteries. It can charge 33 percent of your iPhone and provides up to 3 hours and 50 minutes of additional talk-time.

JUMP also has Auto-Charge. It automatically detects when your smartphone battery gets fully charged, and after that it starts charging itself. You can also use it to sync your files, music and other data.


This light-weight and compact device is portable and can fit in your pocket easily. So, whenever you are seeing low battery notifications on your phone, you can just attach the JUMP cable to your phone and get your device charged on the go.

JUMP has a bit less charging capacity as compared to Power banks and some charging cases like Mophie's Space Pack which has 1700mAH. But taking the compact form factor and multiple functionality of JUMP, it is a nice option to go for.

The developers of JUMP have been working on it since a year now. The startup is being funded on Kickstarter and already have been funded over $90,000.