I really the way Flipboard displays the news and the features which comes in the app. You can save the articles for later reading, you can subscribe to user's magazines and you can create your own personal collections too.


Today, I found a very beautiful, minimal app for android to read the latest news from all over the world. Circa is the best way to read and follow what's trending online. The app comes with very clean, minimal interface and in light color scheme with sleek typography.

Sliding right displays the sections from where you can choose the category of news you would like to read, Technology, Politics, Science & Health etc. You also get a Followed section which displays the articles you are following. The Index page is very simple which lists the articles sorted with date.


Once you click an article to read, you will be redirected with all the news you need to know about that particular topic. It displays the excerpt of the topic and then it displays the full story. The app also displays similar stories at the end of each article and you can also share the article on your social profiles right from the app.

The app comes with some basic settings which allow you to customize the look and feel of the app. You can select the default Home section, so when you will open the app, that particular section will be loaded first. You can enable or disable Smooth Scroll effect. You can also enable or disable Push Notifications for Breaking News and Other Updates. You can also enable email notifications.

You can swipe left or right to switch between articles and sections. The app is optimized for tablets too.