Ghost is a new blogging platform first put together by John O'Nolan. It was just a concept a year back, and today is the day when Ghost is released publicly.


We already have WordPress for blogging, so why would you go for another blogging platform ? Because most of the users don't use WordPress as a blogging platform but as a CMS. Ghost is a simple and sleek platform built only for bloggers. You can't use it to create your portfolio, or a Commerce site or anything else, it is just a platform for blogging.

Install Ghost Locally on Mac

Just like WordPress, we get options to create site hosted or self hosted blogs. Though the option for site hosted blogs is not available now and will be available in coming weeks. So, the only option to try Ghost is to download and install the source code locally on Windows or Mac.


Before we start to set up Ghost, you need to download Node.js package as Ghost is built on Node.js and requires version 0.10.x(stable) to be installed on the machine in order to make it work.

Once you download Ghost, unzip the ZIP file at the place where you want to install Ghost. Now, open Terminal app and switch to the directory where you have the Ghost folder.


Now after switching the directory, run the command "npm install --production" and it will start download the required files. Once completed, just run the command "npm start" to start Ghost in development mode.

You can now jump to the "" address in the browser to explore Ghost. You can access the Admin dashboard at "".


You're done installing Ghost on your Mac.

You can create and edit articles. The options includes entering admin information and some General options like changing Blog Title and Description, Upload logo and Cover Image. You can also install custom themes.