Alike Facebook, Twitter and other social sites, Google+ doesn't allow third-party apps to post on your pages or profiles. There are very limited apps and services to make posts to your Google+ pages. Hootsuite is one of them but I don't recommend it.

BufferApp, a social app allows you to post on your Twitter, Facebook,, and some other social accounts now supports Google+ pages too. The Buffer to Google+ Pages service was announced yesterday and it is good to see a reliable site for the purpose. I connected Zinx's Google+ Page with the BufferApp and it is working flawlessly.


What you have to do is, first get an account on BufferApp if you don't, you can use your Twitter or Facebook account for signing up. Once done, you will be able to connect your social accounts. You will see their a Google+ option, just click on it and follow the instructions on the page to connect your Google+ page with BufferApp. You will have to grant the BufferApp to access your page so that it can make posts on behalf of you.

Once connected, you can make quick posts from BufferApp to your Google+ page, and you don't have to open the Google+ page again and again, which really sucks because Google+ takes a lot of time to load.


BufferApp also allows you to choose the URL Shortening service from some popular ones, you can use the normal URL's to if you want. It tracks all your links and gives you information on number of +1s, shares etc. for each link. You can also attach photos on your posts.

The service is pretty good for news bloggers as they have to post a lot of trending stuff and they have to open their Google+ pages again and again for this. BufferApp is going to be a time-saver for me.