Just as we have seen many concepts and redesign ideas before the launch of iOS 7, designers and developers have started thinking about iOS 8. With Apple’s WWDC getting closer, more concepts and designs of Apple products and softwares are appearing on various sites. With the release of Control Center in iOS 7, Apple has made it easy to toggle some basic stuff.

But according to a Dribbble user Bill Labus, the way the Control Center in iOS 7 works isn’t that nice. And so he took some time to make a really beautiful concept which he named iOS 8 Mission Control.

The concept that he made combines the multi-tasking functionality and the control center together. So, users will not need to double-click the home button to access the multi-tasking screen, they can just swipe up to access the Control Center as well as the Multi-tasking window. Alike Apple’s big round icons, the concept features perfect sized white icons for Wifi, Airplane mode and other settings. Bill also suggests that the 5 button slot should have option to add desired buttons.

The concept not only suggests better functionality of Apple’s current features but it also features a much better User interface. For example, the Preferences page looks much better than what it actually is. Here's a video that demonstrates the concept.