iPhone Light, which most sites are terming as the cheaper version of iPhone alongwith iPhone 5S are going to release this year. Without doubt, these phones are going to give boost in the company's strength and position as it is rivalling among other smartphone companies now which wasn't the part of equation before Android existed or even in the initial years of Google's android.

It is just some recent years when Android grabbed more attention among users and smartphone based on Android from companies like HTC and Samsung started getting popular and giving a real competition to Apple now. Phones like HTC One and Samsung Galaxy S4 are performing well in market.


Samsung has contributed a lot in increasing the Android marketplace as it is committed to produce two or three phones every month. You can have a look at the Samsung website which updates every month adding some more phones with either larger screen or a Mini or Pro version of existing phone.

What to expect from Apple this Year ?

Back in WWDC, the most talked about thing was iOS 7 and OS X Mavericks, and not to forget, the Mac Pro too. Apple haven't announced them then and said to unveil this fall. And so, they are going to be launched this year.

Apple should be holding an event either in the end of October or in mid-September, probably at Yerba Buena Center in San Francisco, the place where previous iPhones and other Apple products were announced.

We can expect iPhone 5S, and iPhone Light too as Apple is going to enter budget smartphone market and if it does as it should be, it is going to rock as the title says, and I will explain it why it will be incredible Apple product.

Some rumours say that iPad Mini can be announced this year too, but in a separate event this year.

So, combining up all the things, Apple is going to release the successor of iPhone 5, that is iPhone 5S, the budget iPhone which could be named iPhone 6(some rumours say that) or iPhone light, both of which will be running on stable iOS 7.

It is iPhone Light, and not Cheaper iPhone

Most of the blogs are talking about cheaper version of iPhone, or the budget iPhone. It has got a name now, iPhone light and this thing is going to be big. And it's not going to be that cheap, it would be mid-range smartphone.

Apple had already made its way in high-end phones or better I say, high-priced phones. Apple should be, and is considering a mid-end model which would cost around $300, to a maximum of $400. And we don't call that cheap.

Why iPhone Light is going to be Next Big Thing

iPhone Light, or maybe iPhone 6 is without doubt going to be one of the most successful Apple product. Apple is going to take part in the mid-end phones and users will definitely show up interest, and it is just because the price tag.

The best mid-range phones out there now includes Nexus 4, some Samsung phones, HTC phones and some Nokia Lumias. If Apple makes iPhone Light pretty decent in terms of hardware, like a bigger screen size, performing processor, improved camera then all the phones of the range will have to compete with iPhone light in upcoming years.

Rumours and Concepts

Designers on the web show up their interests in making mockups and concepts before the launch of Apple products. We have also seen iPhone 6 and iPhone Mini concept before.

Peoples are expecting the iPhone Light to come in different colours, but I don't think so. Even after seeing the leaked photos of iPhone Light over some sites, I would expect to see black and white versions only. Apple knows what's standard and pink or yellow colours iPhone isn't a good idea.

We have a concept video that shows up what the Light iPhone might look like, and it could be close to whatever Apple is going to releases as iPhone light because this concept is based on the original leaks from Mac Rumours blog.

The site which made the above concept already released a phone which is a clone of upcoming Apple phone, and is based on Android Jelly Bean. But talking about the concept, it looks same as what Mac Rumours spotted here.


Also, Apple Insider showed up the schematics of the new iPhones which are going to release. And this suggests that both the phones will have 4.7 inch of screen size.

Whatever is going up, I just can't wait Apple to release the new Light version because it will be focussing on countries like China and India where people don't like to spend much on Smartphones.