I love design, be it online design or offline. I like beautiful architectures and I showcase best ones on Zinx. Last time we had minimal monochrome photos of The Christian Science Monitor headquarters in Boston, which the photographer called Infinite Manifestation.

This time, we have Xata. The name is unique and so the architecture design. Nilo Aleo, a Philippines based artist who focuses on Architecture and Interior Designs published a project named Xata. I got a chance today to check the project and I liked it very much. I am pretty late to showcase the project as it was published back in May but it is never too late for sharing inspiring stuff.

The photos in Xata are captured pretty well and manipulated in different softwares to make them look good. And of course Adobe Photoshop is used in this project alongwith some other apps like 3D Studio Max 2011 and Pixplant. Originally, the project photos were taken for a contest.

The house looks modern and I just love how the background, the nature beautifies it more. There's also a swimming pool and lighting all around the house. The environment around the house gives the architecture a fresh feeling. In the very first photo, we have sunlight directing to the house and the next two photos are taken in evening conditions. The interiors of the house are well-organized, clean and looks perfect with the color combinations.

xata-1 xata-2 xata-3 xata-4 xata-5 xata-6 xata-7