Twitter and Instagram are two of those social networks which seem unstoppable in terms of growth and usage. I personally spend a lot of time on Twitter and that's why I built Kizie, an alter way to browse Twitter with some utolity features.

Kizie Tweet Screenshot

One of the tools that a lot of people are using is being able to generate screenshot from Tweets. A lot of users like to cross-post their tweets on Instagram, as a story or a post. Kizie's Tweet to Image tool helps you do exactly with ease.

How to use

  • Go to the this Tweet to Image tool app
  • Enter the URL of the Tweet you want to convert to image and hit enter
  • Select the size to be Instagram Story, Post or leave it to Auto
  • Click Preview to check the output image, and then you can the image

The good thing is also that you can customize the look of the out put image. There are currently 4 themes to choose from. You can also chose whether you want to hide or show the likes and retweets count. It outputs high quality image of the tweet which you can easily share anywhere. Some themes and customizations also planned for future.