Apple's latest announcement is CarPlay, which will bring the basic functionalities of iOS in Cars. The integration was first unveiled in Geneva Motor Show by Ferrari, Mercedes and Volvo cars.


CarPlay is designed to make it easy to use your iPhone in the car. It displays the things you want to do including calling, messages, navigation, music on the car's built-in display in iOS like interface. And you will just have to connect your iPhone to use CarPlay. With the presence of Siri, controlling everything is made easier. Siri Voice Control is specially designed for driving scenarios. It not only works with Voice control, but you can also use your Car's controls including knobs, buttons and touch-screens.

All the CarPlay apps have been designed from the ground so as to give users a better view without having to leave the controls. Apps like Maps, Phone, Messages and Music are enhanced for car friendly interface. Apart from these basic apps, CarPlay also supports entertainment apps like Spotify, Beats Radio, Podcasts etc.

CarPlay is compatible with iPhone 5, iPhone 5c and iPhone 5s. Users with these devices will be able to use CarPlay in their Cars. Here's a short demo of CarPlay.