Winamp is one of the oldest Music player for Windows. The music player features a mini-window with complex controls and colorful interface.


Recently, the guys behind Winamp announced that they will be shutting down the music player, which was of course bad news for Winamp users. If you love Spotify's music streaming service and want to enjoy your Spotify music in Winamp's interface, Spotiamp is what you need.


Spotiamp is a Winamp inspired Spotify client for Windows. You just have to login into your Spotify account in the app and the app will list all your playlists. Though, the app requires Spotify Premium account. The app allows users to search and play your favorite music, plus it also features Spotify Radio.

The app also has a built-in Shoutcast server which allows you to stream your music to any Shoutcast enabled device. Just like Winamp, the app also supports 3rd-party Visualization plugins.

Spotiamp comes in Winamp like skin with retro design. The Spotiamp's Equalizer lets you apply between different Presets and you can set custom levels too.