Panorama photos is a new way of taking photos, which appear much wider and captures more area than normal photos. Starting from Android devices, Panorama feature made its' entry to other smartphones, cameras, and even a Panorama ball which captures 360 Panorama photos named Squito.

How Panorama works is it captures different parts of the area separately while you move your phone/camera and stitches them together intelligently to make it one big photo. These are wide photos and have more resolution than ordinary photos we see in everyday life.


Today, we have here the biggest ever made Panorama photo. This is not just the biggest panorama photo captured ever, this is also the 2nd biggest photo. This is a 600,000 pixels wide 360 degree panorama captured in Tokyo.

The interesting thing is, even Photoshop can't handle this panorama as the maximum resolution Photoshop supports is 300,000 pixels and this panorama is its double. The photo is captured using Canon 7D with 400mm f/5.6L lens and the camera was kept there for 12 hours to stitch the photos it captured.

All in all, here are some mind-blowing stats. There were 10,000 photos captured and stitched together by a 12 core Fujitsu Celsius R920 workstation which needed around 192GB of RAM to make the photo load. It took 12 weeks of processing for the final upload by Jeffrey Martin.

This panorama exists in multiple photos and is not a single photo. It just loads up the part of the photo when you zoom in the photo. The photo is a work of Jeffrey Martin who previously captured some other panoramas before like this, but not this bigger.

You can checkout the high-resolution version here - 360gigapixels.