Microsoft just announced the next generation of Microsoft devices, Surface 2 and Surface Pro 2. Microsoft's Panos Panay describes the Surface 2 as "the most productive tablet ever built".

Microsoft previously decreased the prices of original Surface tablets with the hope that less prices will improve sales, but unfortunately users even now not showing up interest in Microsoft products. They also released some Anti-Apple Ads for attracting users. It looks like they are going to stick with making tablets as Panos said these tablets are the outcome of over 18 months of work.


Surface RT

  • OS : Windows RT 8.1
  • Display : 10.6" ClearType HD
  • Ports : micro SD, USB 2.0, HD Video Out
  • Storage : 32 GB
  • Pricing Starts at $349

Surface 2

Surface 2 is faster, thinner and lighter than original Surface tab. The Surface 2 now comes in silver color too. The tab runs on Nvidia's Tegra 4 processor with increased CPU speed.

  • OS : Windows RT 8.1
  • Display : 10.6" ClearType Full HD
  • Ports : micro SD, USB 3.0, HD Video Out
  • Storage : 32 GB, 64 GB
  • Pricing Starts at $449

Surface Pro 2

Surface Pro 2 comes with Intel's Latest Haswell Processor. There is 20% increase in the performance and 60_% more battery backup_ in Surface Pro 2 as compared to Surface Pro, thanks to Intel's Haswell processor.

The screen size is the same as the original Surface Pro, but there is 46% increase in the color accuracy. Surface Pro 2 will run quieter and cooler than original Surface Pro.

  • OS : Windows 8.1 Pro
  • Display : 10.6" ClearType Full HD
  • Ports : micro SD, USB 3.0, mini DisplayPort
  • Storage/RAM : 64 GB/4 GB, 128 GB/4 GB, 256 GB/8GB, 512 GB/8GB
  • Pricing Starts at $899


Apart from these tablets, Microsoft also announced some new accessories for Surface tablets.

The new kickstand is much more comfortable now. Surface Power Cover is a new keyboard for Surface Pro 2, which also have built-in battery to extend the battery life of the tablet. The Touch Cover 2 is thinner and covers 1092 touch sensors for accurate keystrokes tracking.

You can pre-order any of the new Surface tablet tomorrow at 8AM ET. The tablets will be available in 21 markets from 22nd of next month, that is October.