Since I first used Google Inbox app on my phone, I switched to the app permanently and I no longer use the Gmail app. Google Inbox is much better in terms of design and functionality as compared to the new Gmail app. The only problem I had with Google Inbox is that on Web, it can only be accessed in Google Chrome and not on other browsers. Being a Safari user, this is very disappointing which I also mentioned in my Google Inbox app review.

Till now, I was getting “Inbox only works in Google Chrome. More browsers coming soon.” message when I used to log into my account on But today, I found a quick workaround to access Google Inbox on Safari, and it will probably work for other browsers too.


What I did to access Inbox in Safari is that I changed the User-Agent to “Google Chrome — Mac” in Safari. After changing the User-Agent, it automatically reloaded the page and logged me into my Google Inbox account.

To access Google Inbox in Safari, first you have to open the Safari preferences and check the “Show Develop menu in menu bar” option in Advanced section. After checking the option, you’ll get a “Develop” option in the menu bar. Then open and log into your account. After logging in, you will get the same “Inbox only works in Google Chrome. More browsers coming soon.” message. Now what you have to do is click on the Develop menu bar option, then click on User-Agent and then select “Google Chrome — Mac”. Once selected, it will automatically reload the page you will be shown your Google Inbox account.


You can use this workaround on other browsers too, you just need to change the User-Agent to Google Chrome and it should work.