Tethering is the best way to share your phone's Internet Connection with your Desktop or Laptop. It's the best solution for those who mostly use Cellular Internet Connection on their phones and want to use the same Connection on their Desktop too.

Tethering can be done in three ways, via USB, via Wi-fi or via Bluetooth. USB Tethering is nice but why would you want to use a USB cable when you can tether wirelessly. Wi-fi tethering is again good but not economical, it drains the battery of your phone quickly. The best way to wirelessly tether your desktop using your phone is using Bluetooth Tethering.


Here's a simple guide for those who have an Android phone and want to share their phone's Internet Connection with their Mac using Bluetooth Tethering.

You need to first pair your phone with your Mac using Bluetooth. Enable Bluetooth on both the Mac and your Android phone. Open System Preferences, click on Bluetooth and "Setup New Device". Once paired, you will see the phone paired in the list of Bluetooth devices connected to your Mac.


Now, pick up your phone and go to Settings, in Wireless & Networks section, click on the "More..." and then tap on "Tethering & portable hotspot". You will see there an option for Bluetooth Tethering, you just need to check that option.

Now, in your Mac, go to the Bluetooth Preferences, select your phone from the list and click on the "Connect to Network" option. It will automatically connect to your phone.


You can also check the "Show Bluetooth in menu bar" option in Bluetooth Preferences. Once checked, it will display the Bluetooth icon in the menu bar, and you can use the icon to connect to your phone quickly. Just click on the Bluetooth icon, select the device you want to connect with and then click on "Connect to Network".

You can now use your phone's internet on your Mac.