We have seen a leaked version of BBM but that was incomplete and though the app was launching and working fine, there was some problem in the app that doesn't allow users signing in the app. BBM announced previously that they are gonna release BBM for Android on 21st, means today and iOS version will be available on 22nd September.

The iOS version is already out now and you can download it from the App Store.

While they are supposed to release the Android version today, it is not released yet. But, the APK file of the working app is already leaked and I just ended up testing it and it is working fine now. You can now sign in the app and set up your profile. There are still some issues in the app like you can't change the Blackberry ID, also I have experienced automatic logouts in the app.


Apart from all this, the app is running smooth without any lags. The app starts with Sign up page where you have to create your account if you don't have one. Once done, you will have to fill some more credentials and then you will be redirected to the main screen.

The main screen is much like any other messenger app. You get quick access links to Chats, Contacts and Groups. Swiping left will show you Active Chats, Contacts, Groups, Updates and Invites. Tapping your name at the top will show your profile information, you can change your name and your status message. You can also change your profile picture from the same screen.

The app generates a bar-code which you can share with your friends you want to add. You can also share your BBM PIN to add contacts. The profile page also displays the profile log and the activities.

You can change the Blackberry ID username from the settings page. You can also toggle the option "Show My Country and Time" and "Music Status Updates". The app also gives you the option to enable or disable "Save Chat History" option. You can switch the contacts view on the main from Grid view to List view too. You can also set "Security Question" for security purposes.

Download BBM (.apk, 14.8 MB)