The beginning of the Panorama photos was from the Android when Google first introduced the Panorama feature in the camera app. Since then, Apple also introduced Panorama and it began as trend now.

Most of the Digital Camera, P&S and Advanced P&S are already coming with Panorama mode using which you can capture wider photos with more area. You just have to drag your camera from left to right and it will capture the whole area.


Squito serveball is an all new concept which is throwable camera ball capable of capturing 360 degree panorama photos and videos.

This Squito serveball is capable for taking high quality photos and videos. This throwable camera is designed to be used for various purposes, including film-making, action sports, photography and videography.

It also captures 360 degree photos, just like the photo produced by Android's Photo Sphere Camera. You can scroll the photos to different directions. The photos are captured from different angles and can be used in different environments and conditions, fog, smoke, in the dark with Infrared and thermal recording.