Designer News is a community of people who love technology and design. On Designer News, designers and developers share and discuss about the latest in tech and design. The site is very useful as you can learn and discover a lot of new things. I use the site everyday and I was looking for a way to browse the site on my Android phone through an app.


I’ve used some Designer News apps before but the one I came across today is the best I’ve used till now. The name of the app is Designer News and it lets you browse the Designer News community on your phone. The app is simple in terms of functionality just like other Designer News apps, but what I like in this app is its design and its icon. The app comes in Material design user interface which looks beautiful, but there are no animations. It allows you to browse Top Stories, Recent Stores, Discussions and Designer News Jobs.


Designer News app also features an in-app browser which lets you browse external links. On tapping a story, the app opens the story in mobile-view where you can read the story and make a comment. You can also read the comments by just tapping on the comments icon located at the right of each story in the Top Stories, Recent Stories and Discussions section.

It would be great to have more features such as notifications for new stories and new comments. But overall, I really liked the app and its design. Also, the Google Play Store listing of the app says that more features will be added soon.

Designer News is free on Google Play Store.