I first used MIUI 3 years back when Gingerbread was the latest version of Android. I had a low-end Samsung Galaxy phone and I installed Gingerbread version of MIUI on that phone. I was very impressed with the ROM initially because of the beautiful interface and design it had. But when I last installed MIUI v4 on my current Android device, I quickly switched to CyanogenMod because of several reasons. Personally, I think MIUI was good until Google released Ice Cream Sandwich with Holo interface.

MIUI’s design is good, but new Android apps usually come with Holo interface which conflicts with MIUI’s interface. Apps like Google Play Music and YouTube don’t look good at all in MIUI. This is the reason why I don’t use MIUI on my phone.

But Xiaomi is about to launch MIUI v6 very soon and after seeing its screenshots on the MIUI forum, I have to say that I am impressed. Though the design of MIUI v6 looks more like iOS 7’s flat and simple design, it still looks much better than the current version of MIUI. Below are some screenshots of the upcoming MIUI ROM.

miui-6-preview-1 miui-6-preview-2 miui-6-preview-3 miui-6-preview-4 miui-6-preview-5 miui-6-preview-6 miui-6-preview-7

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