Minuum is tiny keyboard app for android that simplifies typing, increases typing speed and accuracy and covers very less area on-screen. Unlike other keyboard apps on Play Store like Swype or Swift Key, Minuum uses just a single horizontal row on the bottom of your screen with QWERTY based single line of alphabets.

Minuum Keyboard focuses on giving much space on the screen while typing to increase the interaction possibilities with the apps, maintaining the typing possibilities as well. It also focuses on faster and accurate typing.

The keyboard is just one-dimensional row where you have tiny letters to touch, and that doesn't mean that you have to touch that small area of the letter, you just need to keep touching the alphabets one by one and the specialised auto-correction algorithms will show the magic. The keyboard comes with letters magnification which helps in precise typing.

Just as other keyboard apps, Minuum also have smart auto-correction feature so you don't need to erase the word manually and write it again. The keyboard will be available for Android phones as well as Tablets too. In tablets, you can drag the keyboard anywhere according to your comfort.


The main advancement in this keyboard is it pairs with almost anything, like you can draw a prototype of the keyboard on a paper and you can use it to type anything on your Android phone. You can even draw the keyboard on your hand surface and use it for typing. Just by connecting an accelerometer or gyroscope to your ring, or watch, you can type with the motion of your hands only.

Also, the campaign page says that you will be available to customize the keyboard, the layout and the color schemes to match your comfort.

The developers announced the funding campaign for Minuum Keyboard back in March, and the backers of the project are going to get the keyboard tomorrow, says the update on Minuum Facebook page. Also, the app is still in beta and is under development, so it will take sometime to be released in the Play Store publicly.