It's been a while since Apple pushed the iOS 7 update and most of the users are now used to with the all new interface. With the rollout of the new update, the visual graphics is totally changed in iOS 7 and apps of older version do not actually look good on iOS 7.


Molto is a cool email client for iPhone and iPad which comes iOS 7 optimized and allows you to go through your emails in a clean, beautiful feed like interface. Formerly Incredimail, this app has been re-designed for iOS 7 and now have a completely redesigned Inbox. It supports popular email services including Gmail, Yahoo mail, AOL, Outlook etc.


It has some great features like Smart Filters, it automatically organizes your mails and categorizes the Personal, Social mails. The interface of the Inbox pretty much like the Facebook feed, the app shows the photos right into the Inbox feed. Quick Peek allows you to look at the textual content of the email without actually opening the mail.

It's easy to compose mails and one good feature in this app is that you can look at a live preview of the mail you are composing. You get the same set of features on iPad too. So, it will be easy to check mails with the kind of same interface on your iPhone and iPad.