Although many companies are making smartwatches, it is hard for many of us to go with smartwatch. Pebble being the popular one in the category, it still doesn't bears the functionalities that make it of much use. The most unacceptable thing about many of these smartwatches is that they come with modern designs which isn't the best in terms of usability.

A Hungarian based designer Gábor Balogh has made a stunning Smartwatch concept that combines technology as well as traditional look of watches.

The concept features a round dial with minimal and only important details. The suggested features includes changeable dial style, application bar when smartphone is paired, application launch by bezel, applications for weather, health and music player. It also includes compass and basic navigation display when smartphone is paired. Along with built-in stopwatch, the best thing about the Smartwatch is that it can also handle messages and incoming calls.