When was the last time you wrote something and you noticed spelling mistakes ? Because you are not going to make spelling mistakes with Lernstift, a kickstarter project, which is based on a pen that vibrates if you make spelling mistakes.

This pen works on two primary modes, the one is Orthography Mode which is used to detect spelling mistakes on the go and the other mode is calligraphy mode to point out flaws of form and legibility. This pen doesn't uses any sensors or anything like that, and everything from the hardware to the ink is inside the pen.

lernstift copy

The pen includes an embedded Linux system containing the hardware for motion sensor, the processor, memory, Wi-Fi( yes, you read it correctly) and the vibration module for notifying mistakes.

The pen has combined sensors for accelerometer and gyroscope. Also, there's a magnetometer to optimise the motion recognition. The hardware is capable enough to produce a resolution of 400 dpi at 20 Hz.

The pen automatically detects the user's handwriting and detects the spelling or calligraphy mistakes and notifies with vibration.

Well, the project is on early now and have got support of 2 languages, English and German but the developers will be working to make support for other main languages too.

The pen is oval-shaped and the hardware is placed in the middle so as to make it comfortable to hold. Also, the pen has exchangeable writing tips, and you have three choices, you can use it as a pencil, as a ball point pen or as a fountain pen, and the pen will come in two different colours  pink and sky-blue.

As mentioned above, the pen comes with built-in Wi-Fi module, so you will be able to connect the pen with your phone, laptops and even other Lernstift pens. The developers also have an app which shows up all the statistics of the pen writing which good for parental monitoring. Two or more Lernstift users can work on a single document too, using the co-writing app. You can also share the notes, sketches etc on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter with the same app.