Aviate Launcher is the smartest launcher you can have on your android phone. The launcher is in beta now and you need to have invitation code in order to use the launcher. I have been using the launcher since I reviewed it and I have got 5 invites.


The launcher is one of its kind, comes with totally different kind of layout which is very easy to use. The launcher adapts with the environment you are in. You just have to switch between Spaces and the launcher will automatically organize itself with the apps and information that matters to you the most.


The beta is not much different but it has some additional enhancements. The user interface looks much better and the performance is speedy too. The toggle/power widget is removed from the Settings page, though you can add it back if you want.

Get your Invite

The launcher is invite only and you may have noticed that the launcher asks for an Invitation code when you launch the app.

To score an invite, what you need to do is follow us on twitter using the button below and make a comment with your Email address in the comment box below. 5 random users will be selected and will be invited.

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Make sure to mention the Email Address which is associated with your Google Play Store account. Good Luck!