New Flickr Design

Yahoo just bought Tumblr, and here Flickr gets a new redesign with completely different interface and with some new features. Flickr, which is one of my favorite photo sharing site, now gives every individual whooping space of 1 Terabyte, which is really huge.

With this much of storage, you can now upload your full resolution photos without any hassle. We have to capture photos of less resolution or resize them before putting them on Flickr. But no more such thing now, just upload.

Flickr displays the number of photos you can upload on your 1 TB account corresponding to their photo resolution on the homepage. And if you are a Flickr Pro user, then you don't need to worry about storage capacity.

Flickr, also updated their mobile apps which comes with the same UI as on their new design. Flickr shows amazing screen cast of Flickr for iPhone, where it shows how fast and easy it is to use Flickr for Phones.

The new update of Flickr on Android is pretty smooth and displays photos in the same grid view as on web. The uploading of photos is made quick .

The overall changes to the site are good, and no other site gives 1000GB of storage to its users. Plus the user interface is better than what it was previously, the grid looks more better now and full screen photo previews is good.

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