Dribbble is a popular site designed for designers to share what they are working on. It is an invite only network designed for designers of different disciplines such as Web designers, Graphic designers, Typography lovers, illustrators and more.

Unfortunately, this popular site doesn't have an official iPhone app. You can of course browse through the site on mobile browser and the site's design is responsive too, so there' no problem if you can browse it through browser. But it isn't the most effective way to find inspiration on the go.


Basket is a full-featured Dribbble client app for iPhone, compatible with iPod touch and iPad too. This newly released app makes browsing Dribbble on your phone easy. It comes in a beautiful user interface designed to match iOS 7's flat design.

You can browse through the shots in two different views, list view and grid view. Grid mode displays thumbnails in two columns while the list mode displays a single column with bigger thumbnails.

You can login to your account and browse through popular shots from the people you follow, shots you liked or shots from everyone. The app also supports full screen image viewer and animated GIF.


Apart from all these, Basket features HTML comments. After tapping a shot, you can read all the comments and you can also write comments. The app automatically parse HTML in comments.

You can view all the information of a user by tapping on the profile picture. It will also display the shots of the user, the followees and the followers. It also gives sharing options and you can share the shots on Twitter, Mail or any other app.