It is inspired from Google Glass only, but with the things it can do, GlassUp is a better plus a cheaper alternative to Google's overhyped project Google Glass. What is the only plus point with Google Glass is that Google is using its established and top-notch apps like Maps, Google+ etc. which makes it different from other products of the line.

glassup-google-glass copy

But Google Glass is not the top product in the world of augmented displays, here comes the entry of another Google Glass inspired augmented reality glasses named GlassUp by the founders.

GlassUp: Augmented Reality glasses that display messages from your smartphone

GlassUp eyeglasses display emails, text messages, directions, heartbeats, translations, or any other info selected by the relevant apps on your smartphone.

The list of what GlassUp can do is longer than what Google Glass can. The primary use of GlassUp is to use your smartphone without actually using it. With GlassUp, you can check what's going on in your smartphone, including messages, navigation, notifications and you can keep yourself updated with even touching your phone. I think this is a cool idea and this startup is going to rock soon.


The other points I liked about this thing is that it shows up the information at the center of vision alike Google Glass which shows up everything on the upper right corner. The developers also claim that it has better battery life than Google Glass which is a plus point too.

The glass will come in two schemes, the one with sporty look and the other with classical look, but the page also says "We are in agreements with some of the most famous eyewear brands for the design, so the final ones will be trendier and more varied". So, we can expect to see better designs in the end.

The glass gets paired with your smartphone via bluetooth and syncs all kinds of notifications on the glass projection. There are also touch surface and controls on the right part of the glass.

With all the functionality it has got, Google Glass doesn't seem to be on the #1 on the board of augmented reality projects, and Google Glass costs $1500 whereas the GlassUp costs $499 only. People aren't that tech savvy to spend over a thousand bucks on a product like that just because of the brand name.

You can checkout more about this project on the startup page.