Macaw is a mac app which allows designers to create webpages easily without the need of coding. When it comes to Web Design, there's lot of things one should keep in mind, including resources, trends and tools.


Till now, what you should be doing for creating webpages is writing HTML code, and then writing the CSS. Now, with Macaw app, you can create webpages easily and quickly. The app gives you simple interface, with the workspace on the left and the element settings on the right.

With Macaw, you just need to draw the things, and the app outputs it as a webpage.

With so many apps for creating and editing HTML, this app just stands out. It makes web designing so much easy that even a guy who doesn't knows to code can make beautiful interfaces with Macaw. Do checkout the video below which demonstrates how this app works.

You can create fluid or fixed width webpages with this app, so it takes care of responsiveness too. Also, you have very advanced options like positioning the elements as static as you can see in the video.

There's a settings pane in the right containing the Inspector, Outline and the Library. The Inspector allows setting the selected element, and you get every CSS property related to the selected element in the workspace. You can change the font, size, margin, padding etc. using the Inspector tab.

The Outline tab contains the semantics information of the web page. It contains all the groups and element IDs you have created. You can define here the classes for different groups and elements here.

The Library contains all the media items, images etc. which you are using or selected. You can drag a folder in the Library containing images, and after that you can just drag and drop the images to your workspace. You can set the dimensions of the images from the Inspector.

Overall, it's going to be very useful app for designers and it's time saving too. The app is not yet launched but it will be available soon as pointed on the website.