I ask myself more often that do we really need something like smartwatch which can function almost like smartphones ? Technology is at its peak now and we see a new startup everyday. With innovations like Google Glass, GlassUp and Mac Pro, we will be seeing the impossible in the future.

Talking of Smartwatch, what actually it do. It runs on either custom Operating Systems or some of them are build using Android, like Sony's Smartwatch. It can't call, it can't message of its own and it just pairs with your smartphone to make things work. What actually is an only advantage of Smartwatch is it is wearable.


We can check the notifications, read messages, emails on it, but how actually it does works ? It takes your smartphone as the base system and syncs the smartphone content, like notifications and emails on your Smartwatch to make it work.

So, to ultimately use your Smartwatch, you will need a Smartphone with the official app installed.

There two most successful startup projects on Smartwatch are Pebble and Kreyos. The Kreyos startup was ended up making $1,405,124 of extra funding on Indiegogo. This is huge and I have seen very few startups in which users showed huge interest. This shows people are showing interest in wearables.

Kreyos connects with your smartphone, Android, Windows Phone or iPhone. And looking at the competitors, Kreyos gives more features and comes in the same range as Sony's Smartwatch. I consider Kreyos a good watch for those who are sporty and runners. It syncs well with your activities and provides useful information for tracking your life events.

With people showing this much of interest, I just wanna ask them how much do they use their Smartwatch ? I have a normal watch and I use it no more than 20 times a day to check the time or date.


Even if I buy a Smartwatch, it will help me only in checking the notifications because it can never give you a true computing experience. With less screen size and limited features, it is best to have a better Smartphone than to have a Smartwatch to check notifications and mails.

It is for those who are so much busy in their life that they don't have time use their hands. How much times does it takes you to take out your phone out of your pocket and check notifications, reply to mails and make calls, and that too on a bigger and better screen with interactive interface. Smartwatch isn't a gadget which have too much use in daily life.

What do you think ? Does Smartwatch makes sense ?