Facebook introduced hashtags recently and almost all facebook users have got the hashtags feature now. Do you know how to use hashtags ? Now I am seeing users updating all their facebook statuses flooded with lot of hashtags, and why not, it will take time for Facebook users to settle with the new feature. It's probably the misuse of the feature.

Well, there is nothing new about hashtags, and facebook hashtags is most probably the result of Instagram Hashtag feature that allows you to tag your updates with a keyword. Seriously speaking, facebook never needed to introduce hashtags on such a platform where it is more of a personal and professional network. Facebook Graph Search is smarter enough to get you results.

Since facebook introduced hashtags, all the spammers out on facebook have got an opportunity to search the keywords they are looking for and spam more specifically. But if you are a user who doesn't spam, hashtags on facebook can help you in many ways. You just need to learn how actually it works.

You must have seen that when you update your status consisting of any word starting with "#" acts as a link to that hashtag. Like, Facebook released #hashtag feature on facebook. Here, #hashtag will appear as a link to all those posts which are tagged with the same keyword from your friends.

So, by this, you can get all the news on #hashtag updated by friends in your circle. These hashtags link to updates of your friends only, and you would not find global posts tagged with that particular hashtag.

Global Hashtag Search on Facebook

If you are wondering how can you get feed of a hashtag from all the users on facebook, then it is super easy to do.

What you need to do is just type the hashtag including the "#" in your graph search box, like if you want to search for global posts tagged with Apple, then you can just type "#Apple" in your graph search and hit enter, it will show up posts from all the facebook users tagged with the Apple Hashtag.

It is very useful for those who use Facebook a lot and want to get updated, they just need to search for their hashtag on the graph search and they will got all the latest news which are linked to that specific hashtag as a feed of updates from facebook users.