Sharing files has now become very easy with apps like CloudApp and Droplr. You just have to drag and drop your stuff on the menu bar icon of these apps and you get a link which you can share with anyone you want. There are other apps like Dropbox, Google Drive and OneDrive which does the same thing, but they don’t specialise in quick file sharing.


Torpedo is a file sharing service similar to CloudApp and Droplr, but it comes with a quite powerful feature. It lets users to quickly share files with self-destructing links. If you want to share some sensitive information with your friend, you can do that too securely using Torpedo.


When you want to share a file, drag the file on the Torpedo icon in the menu bar, and it will ask whether to destroy the file after two days or to destroy it after the first download. You can choose the desired option and it will then upload your file. Once it gets done uploading your file on its server, it will automatically copy the file link to your clipboard. When you will share the file link with someone, the recipient will be able to see the file according to the expiry condition set by you. If it was set for one download, the recipient will be able to see the file only once, and after that the link will display an error page. If the condition was set to two days, the recipient will be able to see the file till the next 48 hours. Similarly, you can share a secret with anyone. From the Torpedo menu, you can click on “New Secret” or on “New Secret from Clipboard” if you have the secret already on your clipboard. You then just need to enter the Secret, which can be a password, or anything you would like to share and choose the expiry condition.


Torpedo also have a web app for managing files. You can login into your account on their site and manage or upload files from your browser.

Torpedo has free account option in which you get 10 uploads a day with 35MB file size limit. It’s totally free and good for those who just want to share sensitive information. With Pro account which is $3/month or $30/year, you get unlimited daily uploads with 250MB file size limit. Pro users can also use custom domains. There are no file type restrictions and some file will be automatically zipped before uploading.

Torpedo file sharing app is free on Mac App Store.