Just like Windows have Windows Explorer, Mac has Finder which allow users to explore their files. With the release of Mavericks, some new features were introduced in the Finder, like we can now add tags to files for better organisation, we can now open multiple tabs in the same finder window.


Moom is a simple Mac app which allows user to manage the Finder windows effectively. It happens most of the time when we end up opening lot of finder windows and then get confused between them.


Moom makes it easy to move and zoom windows on Mac. It helps you to zoom the Window to defined part of your screen so that you can focus on multiple Windows easily.

It becomes a mess when I try to drag and drop a file or folder from one Window to another. But now, with Moom app, I can arrange the Windows side by side and easily drag and drop the file. You just need to hover at the Maximize button of the Window and click on the desired Window layout.

The most important feature of the app is that it allows to create custom snapshots and assign Keyboard shortcuts to the snapshots.


You can define in the preferences the snapshots and their shortcuts. You can create shortcuts for actions like Move a Window, Arrange Windows, Shrink, Grow etc. You can also create a shortcut for moving the active Window to the center of the screen. Moom can Save Snapshot of the Active Window and allow users to assign a shortcut for it. One good thing about this app is that you can assign different actions of different apps.

You can enable a Custom Shortcut to trigger the app and then you can use the shortcut to perform some actions. You can press the shortcut and the left button to move the Windows to the left, press shortcut and the right button to move the Window right and just like that. It makes it super easy to control everything on your screen.

I liked the app so far and I am sure I'll be using it for a long time. You can Buy Moom from Mac App Store for $10.