Now you can make money with your android phone with Locket app. What was the last time you made money using your phone ? If not, Locket for android is what you need. The app is a simple lockscreen app which normally installs just as other apps.

Locket displays advertisements on your lockscreen and with everytime you unlock the lockscreen, you will earn $0.03 which is limited to once an hour. Means, no matter the number of times you unlock your android device, you will be able to make maximum of $0.03 an hour. So, making a total if you use this app to the fullest, you will be able to make $262.8 in a year.

This isn't a great amount but it is fun making money from your phone. You just unlock your phone, and  you made some bucks out of it. There can nothing be simpler way to make bucks.


It is one of the first app of its kind, and there not much apps in the Google Play Store which helps you build bucks.


You can use the money on your gift card, or you can donate the money to the charity and you can of course checkout the money to your bank account.

The app is limited to US users only, so if you are outside US, you will not be able to use this app.

Also, if you think more logical about how it works, it is bit tricky and it makes more money for developers than what it makes for its users. You will unlock your device more than once an hour, I unlock it almost 100 times an hour and every single time it will pop-up the advertisement. This isn't a good deal, but you at least you get something without doing anything much.