I am sure I am not only the one who switch between a lot of android launchers and widgets to make my homescreen look better. I have used almost every launcher which is currently available on Google Play Store and currently using one of the Kitkat launcher to get the Android 4.4 feel on my phone which is currently running Cyanogenmod 10. I don't only keep on changing the launchers but also ROMs when I get bored with one which keeps me satisfying for a while. The point behind all this is there should be regular update in the homescreen.


We have seen launchers like Aviate which changes the homescreen based on the location. With the evolution of the Android OS, the apps that run on it are getting smarter and better.For example, Cover which is a beautiful lockscreen app for android which displays right apps at right time in the lockscreen. This lockscreen replacement app is not only useful and makes switching between apps faster but it also gives your lockscreen a fresh and stunning look with custom wallpapers for Home, Work and other places.

Just like Apex, Nova, Go and other launchers, Themer is yet another launcher which focuses more on customization and gives you the power to tweak your homescreen just as you want. Of course it comes with the option to apply themes, and it's themes come from the users of MyColorScreen, popular community of those who love to customize their phones.

All the Themer themes are free and give a brand new look to the homescreen. The themes completely change the look by changing the icons, wallpapers and widgets. If you want to customize your phone to the deepest level, Themer is what you need. There are bunch of themes you can apply. It also comes with its own app drawer, which intelligently organizes your apps in different categories. With just a tap, you can get a completely new interface on your phone.

Here's the collection of 10 of the most beautiful themes available for Themer.



Molotov is one of the oldest theme for Themer which comes with nice rounded border icons. The theme has a dark background that looks good with the icons. It also brings a minimal notification bar with clock at the center and battery percentage and indicator at the right.



Maroon is a classic theme with long shadow icons and blur wallpaper. The main homescreen displays some popular apps. The other homescreens displays a music widget with control buttons and cover picture, a weather widget, a news widget and a beautiful clock widget.



Now is a Google Now inspired theme with Google Now bar, Weather and app icons on the main homescreen. The icons are flat and look elegant. The other homescreens display widget for music, agenda and news reader.

Elegant Colors


Elegant Colors is a single homescreen Themer theme with colored tabs for different apps. The theme also displays the battery percentage on the top left corner and the app drawer icon on the bottom left.

Popup Colors


Popup Colors is a vibrant theme with clean homescreen. It displays different tabs for weather, calendar which shows more info when tapped. The dock displays shortcuts for Dialer, Messages and Mail with Unread count. There's also app drawer shortcut on the bottom right. The notifications bar displays a search box on the left and battery percentage and icon on the right.



Sidebar is a dark colorful theme with vibrant colored background. The theme comes with two homescreens, one of which displays time, date and app icons in the sidebar, the other one displays weather, music control and some other information.

Mountain Color


Mountain Color is a beautiful Themer theme with iOS 7 like status bar. The status bar displays the clock in the center and battery percentage and bar at the right. The icons are a bit round and have iOS 7 like layout. The first homescreen displays a clock widget and icons for phone, message, email and drawer in the dock. The other two homescreens display a minimal weather widget and app icons.

Nature Grid


Nature Grid is yet another simple Themer theme with three grid based homescreens. Each homescreen displays six apps. The main homescreen displays clock and weather grid and app grids for email, message, phone and app drawer.

Animated Menu


Animated Menu is a clean and elegant theme with weather, date, time widget and app icons for phone, message, email and app drawer on the main homescreen. The other two homescreen contains app shortcuts in a list layout.

Flat Cards


Flat Cards is one of my personal favorite themes that comes with gorgeous cards UI. The theme includes three homescreens with same dock icons in each homescreen. The dock includes icons for phone, message, app drawer, browser and camera. The main homescreen displays date and time, battery information with unread counts for missed calls, messages and emails. The other homescreens display different app icons and a beautiful weather widget.

All these themes are free and can be downloaded from the themes store in the Themer app. You just have search the theme you want to apply and download it. Once the theme gets downloaded, you can hit the "Apply" button to use the theme.