Twitter for Mac has got a new update last night and it has got the better notifications now. Previously, it only showed up mentions in the Connect tab, but now it shows up favorites, followers, retweets too.

Twitter for Mac and Tweet Bot are one of the best twitter clients, specially Tweet Bot which shows up every information and every stream related to your accounts. You can manage multiple twitter accounts in both of them. And Tweet Bot also displays the updates when your tweets get favorited, or retweeted or when you get followed by someone. This was the reason for most of us to use Tweet Bot instead of the Official Twitter client for Mac.

twitter-mac copy

Also, the app shows up the real name of the users with their twitter handles too in small font size. So, it is pretty easy to figure out the name and handle separately.

You can now set notifications for tweets, mentions, favorites etc, that is, you can make use of Notification Center notifications to show up updates from your account. You can check that option in the Preferences for notifications through Notification Center.

Overall, it has got notifications for favorites, retweets, followers in the Connect tab which almost completes the app. There are also bug fixes in un-favoriting the tweets, and also in Growl notifications.

Now the Direct Messages gets synced on all your devices, so if you read a DM on your iPhone or Android Twitter client, it will be marked as read on your Desktop client too. The new update brings support for 6 new languages and some other improvements.