With all the hypes on iPhone Light and iPhone 5S, here's another cool and probably one of the best concept designs of Apple's iPhone 6. With iPhone 6, the designer of this concept probably means the next generation iPhone which will be iPhone 5S as the rumours say. But whatever it is, forget about all the rumours for sometime and just check this beautifully designed concept.

The only way to create a true edge-to-edge display is to remove the edge all together.

The phone is edgeless from the right and left, but it looks good. Also, if you checkout the iOS 7 presentation, it is better than what Apple came up with. The minimalistic icons are better than any other concept I have seen. The icon gradients are perfectly filled up and looks solid.


The designer also inherited from the current iOS 7 typography, with the transparent notification center and the light Helvetica font. The concept suggests wider screens, and I think that is going to be a good idea to implement as as the screen size goes bigger, you can't use your phone with single hand.

iphone-mini iphone6-black iphone6-concept  iphone6-white