Instagram held an event today in NYC and they announced a new feature in the Instagram app, Instagram Direct. Instagram Direct lets you share your photos and videos privately with other Instagram users.

Instagram is best app you can have for sharing photos with the world. Till now, the app allowed to share photos publicly with the followers, but now with Instagram Direct, you can share photos privately with selected users. You can select the users you want to share the photo or video with after capturing or selecting a photo from the Gallery.


When you open Instagram app, you will see a new Inbox icon on the top right corner of your feed. You can access all the photos and videos you'll receive. You will have to be follower of the user to receive the photo directly in your Inbox, otherwise the you will receive a request which you can Accept or Decline to receive the photo.


You can share photos with your followers just as you usually did, the only thing you have to do is to select the "Followers" option after uploading the photo.


You can update the Instagram app on your Android or your iPhone to get the new Instagram Direct feature. The new features will be introduced to the Windows Phone version of the app soon as it is currently in beta.