With Apple's iOS 7, one of the trending feature is Parallax effect. When you tilt your phone sideways, the wallpaper on the homescreen movies slightly which appears as a 3D effect.

This cool feature is not only in the new iPhones, iPhone 5, 5s along with iPad 2, 3, 4 and iPad Mini also supports the Parallax Feature. The feature comes On by default but if you don't see any such effect, you can enable this in Settings, then General, then tap on Accessibility option and then scroll down to Reduced Motion and tap to enable it.

I created parallax wallpapers for iPhone users earlier, and lot of people downloaded that set of wallpapers. That's why I decided to put up another parallax set, and this time for iPad.







Above is the preview of some of the wallpapers from the set of beautiful wallpapers I created for iPad 2 and iPad Mini users. You can download the pack below.

Download(20 Wallpapers, 19.7 mb)