I reviewed Leaf RSS app a while back and after using it for a week, I decided to use it as my default RSS app on my Mac. I tried other RSS apps including Reeder and ReadKit but I found them a bit complicated. Leaf is simple and suits my needs.

What bothers me is Leaf's icon which looks pretty different if you put it on your dock. So today, I decided to make an icon for the app. I used a different glyph for the icon instead of using the RSS icon, which is common. I kept it circular and used minimal shadow. Below is the preview of the icon.




You can grab the icon from the link below. It is available in 512 pixels resolution as Mac app icon(ICNS) and PNG icon. I used it for Leaf app, but you can use it for your favorite RSS apps too. If you don't know how to change app icons on Mac, here's a guide for that.