The Black Raven is a concept structure that is situated on water. The structure and the shapes of Black Raven are inspired by origami like shapes. The focus was to keep the design light, sharp and angular.

The Black Raven has three parts which are geometric and plane from outside. The outside of the built looks metallic and is very shiny which gives the architecture a classic look, while the interior uses soft blue lighting. Although black and white are used as primary colors for the outside, there is also the use of dark patterns on the light gray surface which looks really stunning.

the-black-raven-1 the-black-raven-2 the-black-raven-3 the-black-raven-4 the-black-raven-5 the-black-raven-6 the-black-raven-7 the-black-raven-8 the-black-raven-9 the-black-raven-10