If you are a power OS X user, you might be knowing how hard it is to deal with multiple windows. When you have several apps opened at the same time, it becomes somewhat hard to navigate through different windows. Though in Mavericks, you can clean up the mess by merging all the opened finder windows in a single window. Tabs in Finder is useful and after assigning a shortcut for Merging All Windows, it works like a charm.

There are few apps for Mac that lets users manage Finder windows quickly. One such app is Moom which I reviewed earlier. Spectacle is an app which makes managing windows on Mac quick and easy.

Spectacle is simple and works with keyboard shortcuts. The app sits in the Mac menu bar and lets you move and resize the active window using shortcuts. You can also click on the Menu bar icon and then the desired position or arrangement. In preferences, you can customize the shortcuts and assign your own shortcuts for different arrangements and positioning.


The best thing about Spectacle is that it works not only for Finder windows but also for most apps, but not all. It worked perfectly when I tried to resize Flamingo app, but it didn’t worked for Twitter app. One advantage of using Spectacle over Moom is that if you assign a shortcut for centring a window in Moom app, it will work for that specific app and not for other apps. But Spectacle shortcuts work for most apps. It also provides shortcuts for Undo and Redo, so if you want to get back to the previous position or size of the window, you can just press the shortcut for undo.


One thing I didn’t like about Spectacle is that if you use Chrome as your primary browser and if you use Cmd + Alt + Left/Right shortcut for navigating between tabs, then you will have to re-assign shortcuts in Spectacle app. Spectacle overwrites the default shortcuts with its own and the above shortcut is assigned for moving the windows left and right. So, you’ll have to assign a shortcut which works well for you. I also didn’t like Spectacle’s icon(both the menu bar and app icon), which could be a lot better. Other than these, the app works perfectly.

Spectacle is free and can be downloaded here.